10 Tips for Girls Wanting to Start a Summer Run Routine ...

By Eliza

10 Tips for Girls Wanting to Start a Summer Run Routine ...

There is no doubt that a running routine is a really great form of exercise. You burn tons of calories and work the muscles in many parts of your body. Summer is the perfect time to start running because the weather is warm and there are lots of great places to fit in a run in cities all over the world. Whether you run your neighborhood or you find the perfect trail, here’s what will help you create the perfect running routine.

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Start with the Right Shoes

human action, person, human positions, structure, sports, If you’re truly serious about running, you should buy yourself a pair of running shoes. They are designed to support your foot while you pound the pavement and help prevent injuries while you get the most out of your running schedule. There are running shoes in all price ranges so you should be able to find the pair that you love without breaking your budget.


Start Small and Build on Your Progress

Start Small and Build on Your Progress Beginners should never just go all out when they start a running routine. You need to start small and create a routine that meshes with your abilities. Going too fast too soon will only make you more prone to giving up because it’s too hard. Start with a slow pace and a short run and add time and speed as you get stronger and build your confidence. This helps keep your progress on track as you go.


Don’t Wear Too Many Clothes

hair, clothing, image, snapshot, girl, Summertime really heats up and as you run, your core body temperature goes up. To prevent overheating on your summertime runs, choose the right clothes. You want fabrics that wick away moisture and you don’t want anything that covers you up too much or you’ll get overheated. A sports bra is a must, but keep things light beyond that. Becoming overheated can be very dangerous so you want to prevent it.


Expect Some Soreness, but Don’t Let It Sideline You

Functional Fit Fernwood, human action, clothing, person, muscle, When you start running, you can expect to feel some soreness in your legs and buttocks. This is especially true if you are new to exercise as a whole. Working muscles you previously have not been activating on a regular basis usually leads to soreness. Don’t let this keep you from keeping up with your routine. Try running every other day until your body adapts.


Find Your Perfect Route

human action, sports, athletics, sprint, track and field athletics, You are going to be so much more successful with your runs if you choose a path that is right for you. Choose a trail that is the right length for your abilities. Newbies might not want a path that has a lot of hills or wonky terrain. The perfect path will help you stay on track without concern about injury.

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Take a Friend with You

Take a Friend with You There’s no doubt that having an exercise partner dramatically increases your chances of sticking with it. If your bestie is waiting for you at the track, it’s harder to decide to skip it for the day. Plus, a run with a friend gives you a chance to socialize and spend some time together. Take your significant other or kids if you can’t find a willing friend.


Make Sure You Drink Plenty of Water

Make Sure You Drink Plenty of Water Staying hydrated is very important if you are a runner. You want to drink water before, during and after your run to prevent heatstroke or dehydration. Carry a water bottle with you so that you can sip as you go.


Time Your Run WIsely

human action, person, sports, structure, sport venue, It's always best to run when the sun is not at its highest point-this is typically midday. Try to run in the morning before it rises to its fullest or later in the day when it's beginning to set.



human action, clothing, person, jogging, muscle, Probably the most important tip if you plan to run in the summer-as well as the most overlooked. Sunburn increases your chances of skin cancer so warding off the burn from those summer rays by using sunscreen with protect you long into the future. Use a waterproof kind so as not to sweat it off and have it lose effectiveness mid run.


Try Precooling

structure, sports, sprint, sport venue, athletics, Precooling is this cool technique seasoned runners use in the summer. It involves lowering your body temp an hour or so before you run. This prevents your core temperature from rising as fast as it normally would, allowing you to run further and for longer without the risk of heat stroke.

Are you going to start a summer running routine? What other tips can you share?

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