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7 Tips for Running in the Rain ...

By Neecey

You’ll be so glad of tips for running in the rain at any time of year. You know – it happens. You wake up raring to pull on your running gear, eager to slip your feet into your running shoes to pound the pavement, but you look out of the window and it’s raining. You could of course stay indoors but you’ve already got the motivation to get outside for your run. Still go, but make it easier on yourself with these tips for running in the rain.

1 Wear the Right Gear

You’ll soon be wishing you were warm and dry at home if you go running in the rain without having chosen the right gear. You may usually pick cotton but this fabric retains water and not only will it be uncomfortable, but it weighs you down too. One of the most important tips for running in the rain is to wear a technical running top (and bottoms if you can). A cap with a brim will keep rain out of your eyes.

2 Treat Your Feet Right

There are no special running shoes made for wet weather. Good general running shoes are sturdy enough and have a good tread and solid support. The key is not what you wear but how you run that makes all the difference to running in the rain. Rain throws up hazards like slippy pavements, puddles, and wet grass/moss. Keep your eyes focused and shorten your stride to avoid the risk of slipping/falling. One other note about your running shoes – put them to dry immediately on your return – stuff them with newspaper but don’t put them on the radiator.

3 Avoid the Chafe

There is increased risk of chafing when running in the rain. Clothing sticks to and rubs against your skin. Apply anti-chafing gel before you head out.

4 Protect Your Gadgets

Your personal effects that aid in your running need protection from the wet too. Your smartphone, MP3 player, running watch, fitness tracker etc should be kept dry in proper waterproof cases or Ziploc bags. It’s cheaper to buy a case than replace a waterlogged gadget.

5 Amend Your Route

The worst thing about running in the rain is finding yourself miserable, cold and wet, miles from home. You can avoid this misery, and also be prepared for any turns for the worse the weather may make by altering your route so that it loops around your house. Don’t run into the hills if that’s your normal route. Staying close to home means your bolt hole is never far away.

6 Stay Hydrated

You’re surrounded by water; it’s hitting you around the legs as your feet pound, it’s splashing you in the face. Despite this, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact you need to actually take on water yourself. Whatever the weather, you are still exercising and therefore you need to rehydrate as you usually would.

7 Embrace and Enjoy It

The best tip for running in the rain is simply to enjoy it. Embrace the thrill of being outdoors and battling the elements – and winning. Rain usually means the conditions are cooler and therefore a more comfortable temperature for running. Heavy rain can also make you work harder and you’ll have a more satisfying run.

How do you feel about running in the rain? Do you still go out or do you climb on the treadmill or do another workout routine instead?

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