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If you need tips for color runs, I’m guessing it’s because you'll be participating in the happiest 5K on the planet very soon. So congratulations! Color runs are an enormous amount of fun! There are just a couple things you may want to know in order to help the day go smoothly. Keep on reading to learn my tips for color runs!

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Do Some Prior Training

The first of my tips for color runs is to make sure you do some prior training! You want to train at least three times a week, even if you just plan on walking the whole course. If you have done little to no exercise on a regular basis in the past, take it easy! You don’t want to hurt yourself. It’s okay to take walking breaks; in fact, you will likely get more color at the color stations if you walk!


What to Bring

Towels and baby wipes will be extremely helpful to keep the excess color off your car seats. You may also want a pair of sunglasses to keep the powder out of your eyes. Make sure you clip your nails before the run. The color has a habit of getting underneath them and that can be a pain to get out! Also, don’t forget to bring money! There will be lots of cool merchandise for sale at the color run. One thing you can leave at home is your water bottle! There will be water and snacks provided at the color run.


Get a Protective Case for Any Electronics

The colored powder may seep down into your electronic devices, so make sure you put any phones, iPods, cameras or other items into a protective case. If you don’t have a case, you can use a plastic baggie! The colored powder will most likely be harmless, but don’t risk it!


Bring Your Kids along

Kids have so much fun at the color run! This is an activity the whole family can take part in. Smaller kids can walk or skip through the course themselves, and little tots could be pushed in a stroller or carried by an adult.


Don’t Wear Anything You Don’t Want Colored

Try to wear all white clothing to the color run so that all the color shows up! Remember that most garments will come clean in the washer, but don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to risk ruining. My friend had white ear buds, and the colored powder turned them blue!


Dress up

You can go crazy and have a little fun at the happiest 5K on the planet! Dress up in wild and fun costumes, or wear crazy colors. Get some friends together and brainstorm costumes to wear. You can do a theme, like 50’s sock hop or 80’s disco party! A friend of mine went with pink tutus and breast cancer awareness for her theme!


Take Lots of Pictures

One thing you want to make sure of is that you take lots of pictures! When else will you be covered with bright colored powder? Especially if you only plan to do the color run once in your lifetime, make sure you document the memories! You will be glad you took pictures.


Stay for the after Party

During the color run, you will get colored powder thrown on you at each station. But the after party is where you really get colored! Besides getting the extra powder thrown on you, you will also get to experience the rush and the energy and the awesome fun vibes! Part of the fun in participating in the happiest 5K on the planet is the after party, so don’t miss it!


Don’t Sweat Your Race Time

The color run is meant more for fun than anything else. Don’t worry about beating records or coming in first place. Just relax and enjoy having fun with your friends and make sure you get lots of color!

My first Color Run was just this year and it was a blast! There is a reason why they are called the “Happiest 5K on the planet”! These tips were useful for me, so I hope they are helpful to my readers! Have you ever participated in a Color Run? Please share your tips and tricks below, and thanks for reading!

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