7 Self-defense Moves You Should Know for when You're out Running ...


As you get out for your early morning run with not a person in sight, you should be aware of some self-defense moves to ensure your safety.2

One of the simplest things you can do is to be smart and run in neighborhoods and avoid warehouse or secluded areas.2

But in the event of you being followed or caught in the hold of an attacker, be safe with these self-defense moves to help keep you from being a sad story in the news:

1. Move

One of the easiest self-defense moves that you can do is to simply move.

If you notice a man following you when you are out on your morning run, move quickly to an area with more people out and about.

You should always run in safe areas but in the event you are not, get to a safer area, quickly.3

The more people around you the better, because attackers are usually careful predators not wanting to be around the public.

2. Call Police

It is important to run with your phone for safety issues.

Not to mention there are so many great running apps.

If you notice a person approaching and realise this is an attacker, call 911 to alert authorities.

You also may want to let out a loud scream as you run away because attackers never like attention being drawn to them.

3. Kick Attacker in Their Privates

Depending upon whether your attacker is male or female, you should kick your attacker in the privates if you are being held.3

Try not to panic, which I know is tough but remaining as cool as possible will help your survival.

As soon as your attacker loosens their hold, run as fast as you can and scream for help.

4. Kick Attacker in Shins

To get an attacker away and defend yourself, kick the attacker as hard as you can in the shins.3

An injury to an attacker can be the difference between you being alive or not, so defend yourself and fight back with a hard kick.

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