7 Weeks to Run Faster and Have Fun ...


Would you like to run faster and have fun in just 7 weeks? If you focus on the right form, technique, training and energy, you can run faster and have some fun in the process. You do not have to give up hours a day to train to see all of this progress, either. It is all about just doing the correct training and getting in the right mindset for running fast. As a certified trainer and running coach, I live, eat, breathe and sweat out this program, and now I am here to share this great knowledge with you! Here are the ways to run faster in just 7 weeks:

1. Week One is about Your Cadence

To run faster, one of the best things you can do is to focus on bettering your running cadence. Take short, quick steps rather than over striding when you run. This will help you to become quicker and also will lessen the impact of running on your joints. Your goal is at least 180 steps in one minute, which sounds like a lot, but try! It is very achievable and will quicken your running times.

Week Two is about Embodying a Positive Attitude
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