Ways to Stay Motivated While Running on the Treadmill ...


Ways to Stay Motivated While Running on the Treadmill ...
Ways to Stay Motivated While Running on the Treadmill ...

As an avid indoor runner (when the weather forces me to do so) I have plenty of ways to stay motivated while running on the treadmill. I have run as much as twenty four miles on the treadmill in marathon training preparation because of the ice and snow accumulations on the ground, so I definitely do not lack treadmill motivation. Here are my ways to stay motivated while running on the treadmill so that you can get your workout in without breaking a bone:

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Watch Your Favorite Show

As the snow hits the ground and ice accumulates, sometimes there is no other choice than a treadmill run and it beats not getting my workout in. But what to do if I have a long run planned? Beat the boredom by running to your favorite show. My favorite time is when I watch a show while I workout. This is one of the best ways to stay motivated while running on the treadmill.


Put on Some Music

Are you running in your home gym and do not have a television near your treadmill? No worries because music can motivate you to pick up your pace! Put on your favorite tunes and push yourself to run stronger and longer.


Run Mile Repeats

Have a speed workout planned and the weather is not cooperating? Don’t stress! Head to the treadmill to set your pace and get mile repeats in. Treadmills are great for speed work because you can set the pace and all you need is for your legs and lungs to keep up. Cover the treadmill time with a towel so you stop stressing about how much longer you have to go, check on it occasionally. This is a great way to get your speed workout in!


Do Hill Repeats

Bump up the incline on your treadmill for some hill repeats. This is a great way to tone your hamstrings and glutes and switch up your current treadmill workout. I do not recommend putting the incline higher than 3 percent for an extended period or you will put stress on your back. Heed caution.


Beat Your Times

One of my favorite things to do when I run on the treadmill is beat my times. Too busy on the weekends to race? Then beat your own race times on the treadmill and push yourself to great improvement. Remember you are only as fit as your last workout, so push your fitness to the next level and challenge yourself today!


Do the Sweat Test

If you are not finishing your workout sweaty and feeling like you have just came out of the shower, you may just not be pushing yourself enough. This is especially so when working out on the treadmill because there is no wind to cool you down as in the great outdoors. Do a sweat test in your workout and make sure you finish your treadmill workout sweaty and feeling accomplished.


Layer down on Your Run

Another great motivator for my treadmill workouts is to run in layers and as I push to run a certain pace, I take off a layer. Eventually I wind up running in my sports bra and shorts. This is an additional way to push yourself to run quicker and have a more effective workout!

I so hope my tips will get you to learn to love, okay at least utilize the treadmill when needed and stay motivated to have a great workout. What is your favorite treadmill workout and why?

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I love those tips I started running on the treadmill and I feed great .this is a month now thanks

Not too comfortable for the taking off layers yet haha

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