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As a longtime runner and certified running coach, there are numerous running must haves that I could simply not live without. These must haves make my training easier and some even increase my ability to run fast. Here are running must haves that are great for your training:

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Garmin Forerunner

The number one running must have that I utilize for both training and races is the Garmin forerunner. The Garmin, just as many other GPS watches, tracks running pace, distance and even calories. It is very accurate and you can even set it up to wirelessly synchronize your run into your computer. This is a great motivator to run quicker as well and for this reason this tops my running must haves.


Wick Away Technology

Wick away technology is great because it helps keep your clothes dry and it is breathable, unlike cotton. This makes it easier to run as you will not feel bogged down with wet clothes. This is especially helpful in the cold because running in cold, wet clothes can be downright miserable.


Running Hat

Protect your face from the sun and shield your race from torrential rain with a running hat. Running hats also come in a wick free material so you will stay comfortable and dry. I have done many training runs in heavy rain and my running hat helped to shield my face so I could see well ahead and hurry home to my dry house ;-).


High Running Socks

High running socks are great because they have compression which is helpful in assisting blood flow up to your heart along with aiding in muscle recovery. And as an added bonus, they look cute! Who knew simple high running socks could play such an integral role? Just make sure you find compression socks so you can aid performance and recover quicker!


The Right Running Shoe

I live in Pearl Izumi sneakers because they fit best and they are incredible for performance. These shoes work best for me because I find I am more efficient due to my Pearls. Find the right running sneaker for you to run quicker and to be comfortable. There are endless shoes on the market so find what works best and make this your must have for training!


Supportive Sports Bra

Nothing helps running more than a supportive sports bra because lack of support will leave you feeling uncomfortable and possibly even in pain. Make sure to train in a sports bra before purchasing it and make sure to do some jumping jacks and running in the dressing room to see if the support works for you. Sports bra are not a one size fits all attire so make sure you find what fits best for your body!


Hot Shorts

This is a total preference for a running attire but I love my hot shorts for more efficient running. In high school this was part of our running uniform and over a decade later I still love them. Hot shorts are simply fitted shorts. Research has proven that fitted attire will help you to perform better so make sure to integrate some fitted attire into your training. Maybe you will even invest in a pair of hot shorts too!

Hope you have enjoyed my list of running must haves for your training and you find gear that is right for you. What is your favorite running gear and why?

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Great post as usual Tara...gotta get a Garmin lol...since I run with my tunes, earbuds are an absolute necessity, and I have finally found a pair that will stay in my ears, YurBuds, by Ironman

Garmin forerunner is the best investment you can make. It is the greatest motivator. Excellent article.

Fitbits are also a excellent investment. They are pedometers but they are really cool

Need a running partner !

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