3 Fun Ways to Make Your Run More Interesting ...


3 Fun Ways to Make Your Run More Interesting ...
3 Fun Ways to Make Your Run More Interesting ...

Are you looking for some ways to make your run more fun?If you’re like me and your New Year’s resolution of getting back into shape is starting to fall to pieces, it may be time to upgrade your workout routine. Running the same distance at the same pace and same time can get boring, and can actually lead to injuries.

So how can you stick to your guns and keep moving toward your fitness goals? These three easy ways to make your run more fun might be the kick in the butt needed to stay motivated.

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Run with the Wolves

Not literally, but running with your dog (or a friend’s dog) is an easy way to mix things up! There are tons of studies out there that talk about the benefit of walking with your pup.

From helping with depression to heightening your senses — running with a furry friend is a sure way to stay true to your goals. Not to mention your pup gets some exercise too! Just be sure not to throw them into a marathon right off the bat. Dogs need conditioning just like we do. This is one of the best ways to make your run more fun.


Meditate on the Move

For me, meditating is a great way to regroup, wind down, and gather my wits after a long day. I’ve also found that it’s useful on the run too! You don’t have to be a chakra guru, and you don’t need to be religious — meditating can be achieved by anyone and will bring some Zen to your morning jog.

Meditating while running can help you get your mind off of the stressful things going on in your life, and focus on your goals instead. It’s also proven to lower blood pressure and help with anxiety. The benefits of meditating are endless so pair your run with some relaxing music and you can make your mile feel like a spa day.


Run for Your Life!

For those of us who are adrenaline junkies, meditating might not be the right fix. Getting chased by a hoard of the undead sound like a better approach? Then you’re in luck!

Zombies aren’t just for The Walking Dead. It turns out there are some apps out there that offer them virtually on your run. Playing running games through your phone or having group challenges throughout the week can add some adventure to your trek. From zombies chasing you to a workweek hustle, if someone’s on your tail — you’re going to move faster.

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