How to Go Jogging 🏃🏼‍♀️ with Your Dog 🐶 ...


Jogging and running are ever more popular activities for people as a way to keep fit and healthy. For people with dogs, working them into a daily routine can be a great way for them to keep fit the same way that you do. If you don't have a running partner, a dog can make a great companion to keep you motivated on the run and help you get into your gym shoes and outside in the early mornings and evenings.

1. When to Jog

Owners will know that dogs do not sweat. They have a very different and less effective method of reducing their body temperature. When running, therefore, allow your dog to run through puddles or standing water – they are doing it to cool down. If you are running on a hot day, be sure to allow for regular drinking stops, as your canine friend will need to consume more water than you do.

What Type of Dog and What Age?
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