7 Ways to Get into the Running Zone and Love This Great Workout ...


As a longtime runner who has been avid in the sport since the young age of seven, I have plenty of ways to get into the running zone. Let’s face it, any sport with a repetitive motion can be boring, but if you get in the zone you will feel relaxed, relief and euphoric! And if you get in the zone you may actually love running and feel pleasure when you are out on a run. Your mind and body may even begin to crave your daily run. So here are the ways to get into the running zone and love this great workout:

1. Lace up Shoes and Reflect

As you lace up your shoes, reflect on all the great gifts in your life. On the list should be the gift of mobility to run, because this is a tremendous gift you should be thankful for. Stretch out your muscles and get on the road for a great run. Life is what you make of it, so get into the run both physically and mentally and the results will be great. Pre-run reflection is one of the best ways to get into the running zone.

Get in a Rhythm
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