7 Ways to Experience the Joy of Running ...


Do you ever feel the joy of running? You know - the wind in your hair, basking in pleasure of the scenery as you run by and the feeling of leaving every stress on the road as you run. It is amazing how you can get lost in your run and feel so accomplished when you finish. I bet you never expected a workout to feel this good. If you love to run, you are accustomed to feeling this way. And I totally get you! If you do not love to run, still read on so that you can understand how to feel this great love of running. Running is amazing and it can only get better if you get in the right mindset to experience the joy of running!

1. Enjoy the Wind

With the wind in your hair as you run along the winding road, you feel empowering, strong, and fearless. You feel like you can conquer the world and it is only 5am. Keep it up and enjoy the joy of running! If you have this mindset, it only gets better from here, so keep logging those miles to reshape your body and your life.

Do Some Soul Searching
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