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Training for your 5k is such a super milestone, so you may think this is the time to run whenever you can to build up your leg strength. Think again! To do a 5k it is important to run and cross train with effective and intense exercises. These exercises will not only help you to prevent injury but also give you that extra spring in your step. So check out these awesome exercises and get to it so you can rock your 5k while feeling amazing!

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Dumbell Lunges

If you build lean muscle mass, you can quicken running times and work your larger muscle groups. You can also do some of the plyometric exercises in this video to engage twitch muscle fiber which will help you to run speedy 5k times. To up the intensity grab some dumbbells and push your body to the max!


Jumps Squats Help Speed up Your Times

Jump squats are one of the most effective exercises for runners because this will help give you that needed explosiveness for your runs. This is a plyometric exercise that will work your larger muscle groups while also working your core. So tighten your abs and focus on this exercise as you give it all you got so you can kick it up a notch at your 5k!


Plyometric training like jump squats not only enhances your strength and speed but significantly increases your aerobic capacity—a must-have for long-distance events like a 5k. With every explosive jump, you're training your muscles to contract more quickly and powerfully. Over time, this can shave precious seconds off your running times, allowing you to sprint past the competition when it counts. Remember, it's crucial to land softly and with good form to prevent injury and to get the maximum benefit from this drill. Keep at it, and soon you'll see those times drop!


Dead Lift

Dead lifts are an exercise that every runner or exerciser alike should include in their workouts because it strengthens your hamstrings, glutes and core. This exercise will also help better your balance and help your butt look even better too!! Follow along to the direction in this video to ensure proper form and make the most out of this super effective exercise so you can rock your 5k!


Squat Hold

Okay so a squat hold may sound simple; I mean how hard is it to sit in a squat? You may be super surprised once you try it because it is tough but the work is well worth it. This exercise will not only tone and tighten your lower half but it will have you soaring strong in your next 5k. So put in the work by following along to this video!


Integrate the One Leg Squat to Strengthen Each Leg Individually

Focus on each leg one at a time like in a lunge and perform the one leg squat. This exercise will help you to isolate and strengthen your legs. If you focus on form you will better your balance and also run stronger for longer. Avoid leg fatigue midway in your race because of the time you put into performing this exercise!

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Plank It out and Add Some Variations

The plank is an effective exercise to work your total core and can vastly help your running. Runners with stronger core tend to run faster and also have a lesser likelihood of becoming injured. So follow along to this video of me performing both the lunges and plank. As a runner, I integrate both these exercises into my regular routine and it helps tremendously!


Leg Flutters and Scissors Work Your Abs and Legs

Okay as painful as this exercise may seem I promise you, it is worth every bit of sweat and ache. This exercise will work your legs and abs, both critical to be an effective and amazing 5k runner. So put the time in fluttering and you will be jabbering cheers to yourself after you rock your 5k!

So are you ready to kick asphalt (or grass) and have a super 5k? If you put in the time following these exercise and of course running, no doubt the miles will seem to fly by. Hope to run into you real soon!

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I'm doing a 5k run in 7 days. Wish I had seen this earlier.

I dont train for 5k and i got the time that i wanted

Look good exercises 😃

Look good exercises 😃

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