Stretch It out Heres a Little Yoga Just for Runners ...

By Jennifer

Stretch It out Heres a Little Yoga Just for Runners ...

If you're a runner, I don't have to tell you how important it is to stretch before and/or after a run. If you're ready to try something new, here are a few yoga poses and other stretches for runners. To see the graphic in more detail, just give it a tap.

1 Yoga for Runners

Source: 11 Yoga Poses For Runners

2 Post-Run Yoga Poses

Source: 13 Fitness Myths Debunked

3 Yoga Sequence for an Aching Runner's Back

Source: Yoga Sequence For an Aching

4 8 Hip-opening Stretches

Source: Instantly Open Tight Hips With

5 Great Yoga Poses for Runners

Source: Fitness Friday: Yoga for Runners

6 Happy Hips Yoga Sequence

Source: Happy Hips Yoga Sequence

7 The 7 Best Yoga Poses for Recovery

Source: 7 Great Yoga Poses For

8 Yoga for Runners, Hips and Hamstrings Sequence

Source: a runner's grace: Yoga for

9 Pre-Run Stretches

Source: The 8 Best Stretches to

10 Yoga Stretches for Runners

Source: 14 Yoga Poses For Runners

11 Poses for Runners

Source: Best Yoga Poses for Runners

12 6 Yoga Poses for Runners

Source: 6 Yoga Poses for Runners

13 Yoga for Runners

Source: Top 10 Yoga Asanas For

14 Lengthen & Strengthen Your Runner's Legs

Source: Lengthen and Strengthen Your Runner's

15 Yoga for Tight Hips

Source: The 5 Best Yoga Poses

16 Lizard

Source: How to do Lizard Pose

17 How Yoga Makes You a Better Runner: Poses for Runners

Source: How Yoga Makes You a

18 6 Yoga Poses for Tight Hips

Source: You Asked: Issue With Inversions

19 Great Stretch for the IT Band

Source: Ask a Yoga Question

20 More for the Hips

Source: 6 Yoga Hip Openers to

21 Stretch the Hammies

Source: FitGirl Pro – Your Personal

22 Pigeon Pose

Source: Yoga for Runners

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