7 Tips to Run in the Cold Comfortably ...

As we have had a rough winter, you may be searching for ways to run in the cold comfortably. This has been one of the coldest winters with snow- covered ground, wind and frigid temperatures. Brrr! I just can’t wait for spring. How about you? But when the weather is cold, rather than swap your runs for time on the couch, adjust your gear and get out for a run. Make the most out of the day to put your body and mind to the test. Here are the ways to run in the cold comfortably:

1. Run in the Sun

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If you can get out when the sun is out, you will feel a difference of at least 10 degrees and warm up quicker. Make sure you push yourself in your run so your body heat will warm you. Running in the sun is one of the best ways to run in the cold comfortably.

2. Wear Layers

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As you layer up your gear and leave your home feeling like a snowman, you may actually get too warm on your run. Layers always are needed for the first mile or two of your run but as you warm up, pass by your home to drop some layers on your front lawn and head back out for your run. Layers will help you stay warm and run more efficiently.

3. Wear Gloves

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If my feet and hands are warm, I find myself to be a much happier and more comfortable runner. What about you? If you feel the same then make sure you wear your gloves on your next cold run so you can stay warm.

4. Always Wear a Hat

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80% of your body heat is let out of your head, so make sure you wear a hat. Cover up your head and stay warm. You can opt for a sock hat or baseball cap but make sure your head is fully covered and you will feel more comfort in your run!

5. Hand Warmers Help

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Hand warmers are great. These are what helps many skiers get through the extreme cold, so why not utilize them on your run? If you find after a few miles your hands get sweat from the hand warmers (mine always do), look for a trash can to toss them. Hand warmers will help you, especially on very cold days. You can purchase hand warmers from your local grocer or sporting goods store.

6. Utilize Vaseline

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As the weather is cold and the wind is fierce, put on a thin layer of Vaseline on any skin that will be exposed, like your face. This Vaseline will prevent wind burn and you will feel more comfortable on your run.

7. Take a Warm Shower

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Sigh, run completed through the cold and now it is time to take off the layers, so why not head in the shower to warm up your exhausted muscles. You deserve it! Take a warm shower and relax because you had a great run!

Hope you have a great run and enjoy the cold because before you know it will be a season of the past as spring is almost here. So tell me, do you run outdoors in the cold or are you a treadmill runner?

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