7 Ways to Race Well Even in Bad Weather ...


7 Ways to Race Well Even in Bad Weather ...
7 Ways to Race Well Even in Bad Weather ...

Even when it is raining hard, snowing, bitter cold or very windy, there are ways to race well. Despite bad weather I have had some of my best race times due to simple preparation and the right mindset to tackle any challenge. If you are mentally prepared to conquer anything and dressed in the right gear, you can perform well in any race. But with my tips on the ways to race well, you can be well on your way to quicker times and a great overall experience.

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Be Ready

The weather is expected to have 25 mile hour gusts on race day, so what do you do? Well, there is no way to change the weather so be ready to tackle any obstacle and do your best. Be prepared and expect the worst weather so you will be surprised if it is not that bad. Either way, be confident in your preparations because this is one of the best ways to race well.


Pack a Hat

Always pack a hat because no matter what, when the race is cold or rain is on the forecast, a hat will do you wonders. A hat will protect your face and eyes from sun glare, help keep you warm and if rain strikes you will still be able to see in front of you as the hat will shield the rain from hitting your face. Make sure you pack a hat!


Dress in Layers

Rather than stress about what you need to wear for a race, dress in layers and play it safe. If you are like me and you prefer to run in a sports bra and shorts, begin your race in a long sleeve top (or short sleeve depending on weather). If this is a shorter distance race, you can throw clothes as you run and when you cool down after the race, you can go back to your tossed clothes to retrieve them. This is most helpful in rainy weather because if your long sleeve top becomes heavy, you can toss it. Dressing in layers is a great tip to help you overcome bad weather.


You Can do Anything

If you have a “can do” attitude in life you will find yourself excelling in racing and all aspects of your life. If there is torrential rain in the midst of your race, you will let nothing stop you and you will have a great race. Being confident and positive makes a big difference!



As the temperature drops to ten degrees and you are about to race, stop frowning, stressing and pouting. There is nothing you can do to change the weather, so smile because before you know it, the race will be over. And the faster you run, the warmer you are and the sooner you will be finished with your race and able to go to your warm heated car.


Encourage Your Fellow Racers

As you all weather the stormy race, encourage the runners around you. You are all conquering this challenge, so why not embrace and support one another? It sure is great to have encouraging people pushing one another!


Never Give up, Give It Your All

As you race in this inclement weather, you may have some doubt and uncertainty as to whether you should continue with one more step. Remember to never give up but give it your all. Tomorrow this poor weather will be a blur in your mind and if you race well, it will not matter. Giving it your all is much better than the alternative. Run hard, have fun and give yourself no reason to have any regrets.

Now as the race is over and the weather begins to turn, you see the sun rising and it is like a sign showing you that you can overcome anything. Today is a new day so make it your very best and have a great race despite what the weather may be. Have you run a race in inclement weather? If so, how did your race go?

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