7 Tips on Running with a Stroller ...


As the weather warms up, you want to venture outside and start running with a stroller. If you are a new mom you may not be sure where to start so let me help you. Many new moms find themselves with pregnancy weight to lose and little time to exercise because they are so busy with their baby. What better way to get outdoors with your child, while getting your workout in. There are certain tips that will help you when running with your child in a stroller that I will share with you. Tips like how to keep your child occupied, and how to push your pace and form will help you to get the most out of your stroller workout. As a mom of three, I have pushed my children through many stroller runs and stayed in shape while the children had a great ride and so can you!

1. Think Safety First

If you are a new mom make sure that your doctor clears you to resume exercise. Once cleared you can invest in a good running stroller (I like B.O.B or Baby Jogger). Then make sure you strap your baby in, put up the sun visor to protect them from the sun and wear the arm harness so if you were to fall, your stroller would not run ahead of you.

Keep Baby Happy
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