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Do you want to run with more power so that when you run you feel unstoppable with energy and strength? There is no better feeling than running with the wind in your hair, feeling strong and running quick! But to run with more power you must be both mentally and physically strong. Luckily, you can train yourself to be both, if you are ready to dedicate yourself to this. So do you have what it takes to run with more power?

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Run with a GPS

If you want to run with more power, you should invest in a GPS watch. This will help you to track your distance, total speed, elevation and even calories. When I run and feel like I am not running my normal speedy pace, I look down at my GPS watch and this pushes me to run quicker. Facing the truth when viewing your time helps to motivate you to run quicker. I prefer to run with the Garmin GPS watch but there are loads of other brands that work great as well.


Run without Music

We all love the extra push you feel when you run with music but try something different today and run without music. Listen to the cadence as your feet hit the ground. Get into a rhythm and push yourself to your speediest pace. And without music you can hear yourself breathing heavier as you quicken your pace, so take a deep breath and regulate your breathing.


Stay Focused

To run the most efficiently, focus on your form, pace, and keep a positive mindset. If you get in the right mindset and keep yourself focused on running your best, you will run with more power! When I focus on my runs, I can feel myself running quicker and feeling better!


Run with a Goal

Run with a goal in mind, whether it is running your fastest 5k, your quickest mile or just running better than you are doing today. With a goal set, you will have a marker to work to so that you can achieve your goals.


Run Solo

Sometimes you run with a friend and it becomes more of a coffee chat than a workout. Run solo so that you can focus on your own personal goals. If you have a goal to run with more power, you should be running alone right now to focus on becoming stronger. The occasional coffee chat run is fine but first, focus on getting stronger by running solo.


Eat Healthier

Diet plays a huge role in your performance. If you are not eating healthy, it will be clearly evident in your running. So make healthier choices and eat plenty of fruits, veggies and grains so that you can pack plenty of power into your next performance.


Strengthen Your Legs

Perform exercises like lunges and squats for 3 days per week to strengthen your leg muscles. By adding these strengthening exercises you will notice that you will become more explosive in your runs. Just make sure to focus on proper form so that you can get the most of these exercises.

So now that you know the steps you have to take to run faster, are you ready to put in the time, energy and focus to achieve this? You are who you choose to be, so choose to be fast, fit, fun and fearless as you pound the pavement, running strong.

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I love running solo. It is true, when you run with partner it becomes catching up time.

I'm fed up of asking mates to come jogging with me I am going to think about myself from now on

I love your tips in running. I am preparing for my first half marathon and ever too helps!!

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