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There are a number of running tips from pro coaches that help the efficiency of your runs. You do not have to be a pro runner to benefit greatly from tips like bettering your runner form, foot strike and technique, you just have to know how to do it. These running tips will help you to achieve this and after seeing and feeling the difference, you will be glad you practiced these tips in your runs. So here are the greatest running tips from pro coaches:

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Run Strong

Running coach Pete Rea recommends running strong and always giving it your all. Even on an off day, you should get into focus and remember what your goal is. This is one of the most important running tips from pro coaches because it makes a difference between winning and falling short of your goals. Keep in mind that Pete Rea has coached seven athletes to World Championships. Now that is sweet running success!


Do Not Open up Your Stride Too Far

Professional coach James Dunne recommends to not open up your stride too far or you can put a greater impact on your joints. Instead increase your running cadence (strikes to the ground) by 5% and your stride will shorten. You will feel stronger as a result and lower your risk of an injury.


Focus on Your Run

In your runs you should focus on running, not on the shorts that are riding up (just temporary discomfort) or the clouds approaching above. As a professional coach, I have helped countless runners to win championship runs by practicing a simple technique: focus on your run. This is why I do not listen to music when I run.


Strengthen Your Core

Core strengthening can help you to become a stronger runner, lower your risk of an injury and have more power in your racing. To strengthen your core, I recommend adding the plank exercise into your fitness plan, along with some plyometric exercises. I have helped many average runners become champions by adding this vital component of running training. And you can improve from this too!


Do Not over Twist

Running is a linear motion, so you should be running in a straight line. Coach James Dunne recommends you stay in this line so you do not waste energy and you can get the most out of your runs.


Relax Your Body and Mind

It is common to have tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back when you run, so the professional coaches recommend that you take a deep breath and relax. Spend 5 minutes to meditate before and after you run, along with a stretch. This can help you to go for the gold, or at least run stronger for longer!


Breathe Easy

In through your nose, out through your mouth or both in and out through your mouth - what is the correct technique for breathing? My professional running coach answer is find what works best for you. Some runners like to run in alignment with their running cadence (foot strike), but you need to find the most relaxed breathing manner that works for you.

With these running tips from pro coaches, you should be on your way to running like the elite, or at least feeling elite in your own progress. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy your daily runs and focus on these tips. Do you find certain tips help you to run like a champ?

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