8 Things to Remember when Running ...

Even the most experienced runner can benefit from a few things to remember when running! Running is a sport, but it can also be therapeutic. Running is something you have to dedicate yourself entirely to, and something you have to constantly train for. But running has so many benefits, when you do it right and take care of yourself. Here are 8 things to remember when running!

1. Clear Your Mind

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One of the key things to remember when running is to clear your mind. Running gives you a chance to forget everything else, release some stress, and block out everything that’s on your mind. It’s hard to focus on your run if you can’t let everything go and just give it your all.

2. Warm up Properly

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Many running related injuries could have been prevented with proper stretching and warming up techniques. Running puts a large strain on the body, and you need to prepare your muscles for the work they have ahead of them! Take good care of your body and it will function properly for you.

3. Push Yourself

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In order to run well, you have to be determined. You can’t go at it half-heartedly! Be safe, but push your limits. If you have been running 2 miles for several weeks or months, it’s time to raise the bar. You can do it, just believe in yourself!

4. Know Your Limits

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While it is important to push yourself when you run, you also have to know your limits. Taking on a big distance is noble, but you don’t want to hurt yourself. If you’re feeling worn down and sore, stop and take a break. If your knees or feet are hurting, stop and stretch them. It’s not worth an injury!

5. Stay Hydrated

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Never ever go out on a run without taking some water with you. Even if the weather is nice, or you plan to make it a short run, always have at least 8 ounces with you. I once made the mistake of taking a 3-mile run in the middle of summer without water and made myself very sick. At the very least, take some cash with you so you can buy water if you need to, or plan a route that has water fountains along the way you can stop in at.

6. Listen to Your Body

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Your body has its own voice, and can let you know when something is wrong. When it comes to muscle soreness, you have to β€œpush on,” but learn to pay attention to sharp pains, a racing heart, light-headedness, or sore muscles that are beyond the ordinary. These things can signal a few serious problems that may need medical attention.

7. Train Properly

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Running is a gradual process. You have to build up to where you want to be over time! Your heart and lungs need to be trained and conditioned, as do your muscle endurance and stamina. Give yourself long-term and short-term goals, and plenty of time to see them completed.

8. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

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The worst thing you can do for your self-confidence is to compare yourself to others and their progress. It’s great to swap tips and encourage each other, but never downplay your own progress or feel like you aren’t being as successful as your friends. You are getting out there, and trying your best, and that’s what matters!

I have been running for almost three years now, and these tips for running have helped and encouraged me along the way. Running isn’t easy, but it can become addictive! Let running be something you enjoy, not something you dread. What are your tips to remember when running?

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