7 Simple Reasons to Run That Will Make You Put on Your Running Shoes ...


Sometimes, a few reasons to run is all the motivation you really need to slip on those running sneakers. Whether you’ve been running for years or you’re looking to try something new, and as a runner myself, a little bit of motivation can always help! So here are 7 simple reasons to run!

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It’s a Top Calorie Burning Exercise

One of the best reasons to run that will make you put on your running shoes is that it's a top calorie burning exercise. Ellipticals, bikes, and stair masters are all great, but running uses almost every part of your body, including your mind. Running requires stamina, endurance, speed, and dedication, making it one of the easiest yet toughest exercises there is.


You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment

Although some high-tech gear will make your run a little more worth while, you don’t need much to run. A good pair of shoes and a supportive sports bra will actually do the trick. Running doesn’t involve purchasing any expensive machines that you need to assemble yourself and find room for in your house. You can do it practically anywhere for free!


It Lengthens Your Life

There are plenty of healthy benefits that come with running. The best is definitely living longer! When you run with a stride, blood is being squeezed to your heart and being pumped right back. The faster you run, the stronger your heart gets. It’s proven that runners tend to have less disabilities later in life, so why not run?


You Can Enjoy Nature

Although running on a treadmill is effective, it all comes down to what you can do outside. Running outside isn’t only a challenge, it also gives you time to enjoy nature. While pushing up the hills you may see things you’ve never seen before. Running outside adds harsh weather conditions and rough terrain to a run that would’ve been 10x easier on the treadmill. Plus, you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while doing something beneficial to yourself!


Reduces Stress and Boosts Self Esteem

Many people seem to stress about looking good. Instead of watching a marathon on TV, run. Running can remodel your brain and help reduce your stress levels. Being calm will also help boost your self esteem. Looking good will give you more of a reason to keep running.



Running is all about setting goals. Whether you want to drop 10 lbs or just get into shape, running can help you out. Running the same routine can be boring and eventually become less effective, so set goals. Set a few days aside for distance, some for strength, and others for speed training. A rest day can also be thrown in there (only if you’d like, of course!). Setting goals will increase your satisfaction with your exercises instead of running aimlessly.


Self Discovery

Running wont just help you meet others, but it will help you find yourself along the way. When I started running, I hated it, but eventually you wont want to stop. Running can become a great big part of your life, if you let it. Running gives you confidence and self worth. Along they way, you may find things out about yourself that you didn’t know before.

If these 7 reasons to run don’t get you running I don’t know what will! Whether you’re running on the track or on the treadmill, what gets you running? Can you think of any more reasons to get off the couch and go for a run? Happy running everyone!

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