7 Reasons to Take up Trail Running ...


7 Reasons to Take up Trail Running ...
7 Reasons to Take up Trail Running ...

Trail running is one of the hidden treasure workouts that you should try and the chances are, you just may get hooked. Hidden from the rest of the world, there is a cooler, safer, peaceful and more effective workout that lies in the woods in trail running. Trail running is a great workout to challenge you by working a wider range of muscles and helping to develop your running skills. And due to the lesser impact, trail running can give you a speedier recovery than running on the roads. Almost convinced? Here are a few more reasons to take up trail running:

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When trail running you can experience cooler temperatures than on the road and also protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Even when you use sunblock, you can still experience sun damage while running on the roads. When you run through the trails, you are shielded with all the tree coverage and the temperature is always cooler on the trails than running in the direct sun.


Quicker Recovery

Due to the lack of pounding and more give to the ground, you recover more quickly from trail running than road running. A number of Olympic runners train the majority of their runs on trails to avoid the pounding on the pavement. Get training like an Olympian and challenge yourself with some off road running on the trails and feel the difference.


Be in Present Moment

Trail running is a great time to be in the present moment, enjoy the beautiful panoramic views from the trail and just reflect on life. I find when I run on the trails, I feel like nothing else in life matters and I am free. Get in your trail run today so you can let yourself go!


No Traffic

In the woods with just you and nature, you can enjoy running the trails without cars passing by. Trail running is a safe and effective way to get your workout in without worrying about the hustle and bustle of cars around you! And the bonus is you can enjoy the clean air without the pollution of cars as they drive by!


Work a Wider Range of Muscles

When running trails it is not uncommon for hills, tree roots and even rocks to be in your way. By altering your step, you will use core stability and by lifting your legs up, you will work your hamstrings even more. Trail running works a wider range of muscles than road running for this reason.


Help Improve Your Running Form

Studies show that running on the trails can improve your running form by forcing you to take shorter and quicker strides. Trail running can help you become a more efficient and quicker run for this reason. So get moving by visiting a local trail today for a great run!



Trail running is so peaceful and serene. Enjoy the eagle in the sky, the birds chirping and listen to the wind as it brushes your hair back. Running in the trails is the ultimate break from the rest of the world and great for both your physical and mental well-being. Enjoy a local trail run today to experience the wonders of nature while getting your miles in!

Now that you have motivation to get out on the trails, what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself to something fun and exciting! Are you ready to go trail running?

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Love this I run every other day and would trail running where I used to live , love running

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