7 Safety Tips for Runners ...

Safety tips for runners are not to be sniffed at, ignored or ran away from. And when we’re talking safe, it covers safety for your body and the way you exercise, and also your personal safety when you’re out on the streets alone. Running is a fabulous way to exercise so as well as focusing on fitness, speed, distance and form, there are other ways to make your run even more enjoyable and worthwhile and safe. Please follow these safety tips for runners whether you pound the pavements or tackle terrain.

1. Warming up

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Many experts suggest stretching both before and after your run. While some studies show that stretching may not prevent injuries, warming up is still the norm. More recent research seems to suggest that warming up muscles by taking them through the range of motions used in running might be more helpful in reducing injuries and be one of the most important safety tips for runners. Jogging slowly, jumping or skipping are great warm up exercises.

2. Bring Some ID, a Phone and Cash

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Have some ID on you in the event of an emergency. Include details about allergies and medical conditions. If you are involved in an accident that information will be important. Bring your phone as well, because you may need to call someone for help or a ride, and include an emergency number that’s labeled ICE (In Case of Emergency). A little cash is a good idea just in case. Most running suits have some kind of zippered pocket to tuck things away, or you could wear them in a zippered armband or special item designed for the job - like any of these running.allwomenstalk.com .

3. Wear the Right Clothing

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You’ll get warmer as you run and cooler as you slow down, so to stay comfortable be sure to wear several light layers that you can remove and put back on as needed. Don’t wear hoods that affect your peripheral vision. During the day wear high visibility clothing, but don’t wear it at night, since recent studies have shown this kind of clothing can’t be seen well at night. When it’s dark, instead wear light colored clothing with built in or stick on reflectors. For even more safety, carry a flashlight, or wear ankle or arm lights.

4. Take Care with Earphones

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If you run with earphones, you may not be able to hear when someone is coming up behind you or if a car is coming. If you want to listen to music, either keep the volume low or keep one ear free. Don’t run with noise cancelling earphones, or try a new variety of headphones like Aftershokz that sit outside the ear and conduct sound through the cheekbones.

5. Be Sure Someone Knows Where You Are

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If you live with someone, it’s easy to let them know you’re going for a jog or leave a note for when they come home. If you live alone, however, it’s still important that people know where you are. If you get hurt or encounter other types of trouble, friends, and police if necessary, need to know where to start looking for you. Make an agreement with friend that you will call when you go running, and they’ll call you when they go.

6. Follow the Rules of the Road

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In the U.S., the rules of the road are that you run facing traffic. Running on a road while facing the traffic lets you know when someone is coming, and you’re more likely to avoid a collision. You can avoid this danger by running on trails designed for joggers or sidewalks, but keep in mind that the more predictable you are on the road the safer you’ll be.

7. Safety if You’re Ill

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Sometimes, running if you have a head cold or illness with symptoms above your neck might even make you feel a little better, just reduce the intensity of your run. However, if the symptoms are below the neck, such as a tight chest, coughing, a fever or aching, take time off from running. Your immune system is already compromised, and you need the rest, so don’t push it. Running can wait until you feel better.

How savvy and secure a runner are you? How many of these tips do you follow or do you forget some in your eagerness to hit the road?

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