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If you’re a runner, chances are you’ve struggled with figuring out a way to keep your things with you, and safe, while you're running. That sandwich baggie in your running bra holds your iPhone just fine, I suppose, but it can’t be comfortable for very long – let’s not even talk about chafing. If you want a secure place to keep your ID and keys while you run, without the risk of boob sweat or trainer-stink, I’ve got a few ideas. Here are a few clever ways to keep your personal belongings safe while you run (or work out).

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PDO Sportee IPhone Armband

PDO Sportee IPhone Armband Most of us can’t run without our music playing, and without knowing exactly how fast, to the second, we finished that last mile – so we bring our iPhones with us. This handy armband will hold and keep secure your iPhone and your ID, charge card, cash, and whatever else you might want to bring. I love this one because the band itself is comfy and it fits – most are far too big for my twiggy arms, and they slip off. And look! It’s pink! I love pink!


Road Runner Key Cuff

Road Runner Key Cuff Maybe you don’t carry an iPhone, or maybe the armband just doesn’t work for you. That’s okay! There are still plenty of other ways to carry your ID and such, hands-free – like this wristband. The zipper pouch keeps your key or key fob secure, and it’s not bulky or heavy. And it's available in black (pictured) or bright pink!


Kangaroo Water Bottle

Kangaroo Water Bottle Stay hydrated and keep your ID, cash, and key safe, all at once. How, you ask? This multi-tasking water bottle has a Batman-approved secret compartment, big enough to hold your race-day (or training day) necessities. And… you guessed it… it’s available in pink.



FlipBelt The makers of FlipBelt say it’s the best, and I can tell you, they’re probably right! It’s not bulky or uncomfortable like other belts – and it stays put. It’s one soft, stretchy band, made of a breathable, machine-washable spandex-lycra blend… and it comes in a range of colors, to match your favorite running gear. Okay, let’s be honest: the best running gear doesn’t match anyway, so let’s say “coordinates with” rather than “matches,” shall we?


Under Armor See Me Go Running Gloves

Under Armor See Me Go Running Gloves Here in Michigan, the winters are brutal – but the treadmill is feared even more than the sub-zero wind chills. So you need running gloves, for sure, from November to April (and often into May) – these will keep your hands cozy and, with their handy hidden key pocket, your house or car key secure.


Nike Running Shoe Wallet

Nike Running Shoe Wallet I can’t stand having anything attached to my running shoes, but if it doesn’t bother you, a shoe wallet, like this one from Nike, is an excellent option. It attaches to your laces and keeps a key and some cash handy… umm, footy?


The North Face Better than Naked Running Shorts

The North Face Better than Naked Running Shorts Well, first of all, there’s the name, which just begs you to try these and see if they’re as comfortable as the name promises. Then there’s the convenience of the secure rear pocket, yet another way to store things that frankly isn’t really an option if you’re running in the nude.

With so many convenient ways to keep your stuff secure while you run, it’s time to ditch the iPhone-in-the-baggie routine and try a few of these, to see which works best for you… or maybe you’ve already found a solution you love that I need to add to my list? Let me know!

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