7 Running Tips to Train like a Pro ...


7 Running Tips to Train like a Pro ...
7 Running Tips to Train like a Pro ...

I have so many running tips that can help you to train just like the professionals. It is no secret professional runners have cutting edge tips to eat the right way, train more effectively, and to know when it is time to take a rest day. Pro athletes know the right programs to give the best results. So what are you waiting for, are you ready to follow my running tips and train like the pros? This article is for all the professional wannabes or the professionals in training. So where do you begin training? I will show you the way with many pro running tips...

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Get Good Running Shoes

Having proper, well fitted running shoes is one of the best running tips. This is a priority to the professionals because this does affect your running. Professionals pay attention to the weight of a shoe more than an amateur would, because every ounce lighter the shoe can take seconds off your race time. And every second counts! You should visit a local running store and get customized fitting based on the way you wear your sneakers and the mileage you run. Ask questions and take notes so you can understand the way you run in terms of your form.


Never Try Anything New on Race Day

Even professionals do not run in a brand new pair of running shoes on race day because you need to break in your shoes and make sure they feel right. Follow the pros and never try anything new on race day and follow this with nutrition, clothing, and even race day rituals. Stick with what works!


Do Dynamic Stretches Prior to a Race or Run

Dynamic stretches are stretches in motion that help to lubricate your joints and prepare you for your run or race. Dynamic stretches improve your mobility, increase your heart rate and can help prepare you for a better run or race time. My dynamic stretches include walking lunges, high knees, butt kicks and a light 5 minute jog... and the pros follow the same pre-run warm up because it works!


Train Hard 2 Days a Week and Easy 4 Days

Even professionals do not train hard every day, because in order to train effectively, easy runs are just as important as hard runs. Two days a week your run should be all-out running at race pace (or close to it) and 1 -2 days should be at a slow, relaxed running pace to rid your body of lactic acid and soreness. Make 1-2 days for cross training day to cycle or swim with weight training and this leaves one day to rest and not exercise.


Eat the Right Way

Most professional athletes eat healthy because this affects both your health and performance. So choose lean meats, whole grains, vegetables and fruits to eat like a pro and have more energy! It is not mere coincidence that the athletes that eat the healthiest are sidelined less often!


Make Sure You Get Plenty of Rest

Aim for 7-10 hours of sleep per night to recharge your body and mind. Since you are training hard it is essential to get plenty of sleep. Researchers say that deep sleep can improve athletic performance because this when the growth hormone is released. Did you know that the growth hormone stimulates muscle growth and repair, fat burning and muscle recovery? Sleep deprivation slows down the release of the growth hormone so get to bed, sleepy head, to perform like a pro!


Be Mentally Prepared and Confident

I always say athletic performance is 60% training and 40% is all mental. Being mentally prepared and confident in your abilities can bring you to your athletic personal best. If you are doubtful this will show in your efforts. So train hard, eat healthy and believe that you can achieve. All is possible you just have to believe in yourself!

Now that you know all the ways to train like a pro you better start training. Do you currently follow utilize any of my tips? Good luck and go get em!

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