Running Gear to Get You through the Winter ...

By Eliza

Running Gear to Get You through the Winter ...

If you can keep up your running schedule during the winter, that's so awesome! When it's cold and icy, many people would just skip it. I know that because I am one of them. Well, it turns out that having the right gear can make it much more tolerable to get out there and run, even when it's really cold outside. Add these things to your collection and running will never be an issue again.

Table of contents:

  1. thermopolis lt 1/2 zip
  2. pearl izumi fly tight
  3. nike aeroloft 800 vest
  4. garbe luxe running vest
  5. salomen s-lab running gloves
  6. l.l. bean swix nordic hat
  7. new balance 570 winter harbor shoes
  8. rabbit fur earmuffs
  9. salomon speedcross 3
  10. the north face dyvinity jacket
  11. the north face running tights
  12. l.l. bean polartec power stretch hoodie
  13. women's patagonia in tranverse hybrid softshell jacket
  14. drymax sport running quarter crew socks
  15. giordana formared carbon jersey
  16. under armor cold gear infrared run beanie
  17. marmot connect active glove

1 Thermopolis LT 1/2 Zip

Thermopolis LT 1/2 Zip
Not only is this super warm for all your cold weather runs, but it makes you visible for safety.

2 Pearl Izumi Fly Tight

Pearl Izumi Fly Tight
These running tights give you plenty of room to move, but keep your legs warm at the same time.

3 Nike Aeroloft 800 Vest

Nike Aeroloft 800 Vest
This vest is an investment, but it's filled with goose down for warmth and helps keep you dry when you sweat.

4 Garbe Luxe Running Vest
Looking for something stylish? This vest will keep you warm and looking great while you're running.

5 Salomen S-lab Running Gloves

Salomen S-lab Running Gloves
Make sure you don't lose heat through your hands with these cozy running gloves.

6 L.l. Bean Swix Nordic Hat
Look really cute when you run by wearing this warm and stylish hat.

7 New Balance 570 Winter Harbor Shoes

New Balance 570 Winter Harbor Shoes
These shoes have great traction and are the perfect colors for your wintertime runs.

8 Rabbit Fur Earmuffs

Rabbit Fur Earmuffs
If it's really frigid outside, these earmuffs will keep your ears from freezing as you pound the pavement.

9 Salomon Speedcross 3

Salomon Speedcross 3
Wear these while running in the snow because they are water resistant and the rubber toe keeps your toes safe.

10 The North Face Dyvinity Jacket
A high-performance jacket that keeps you toasty warm and wards of extreme weather, you will love running in this.

11 The North Face Running Tights
Stay warm without sacrificing your form with these comfy running tights.

12 L.l. Bean Polartec Power Stretch Hoodie

L.l. Bean Polartec Power Stretch Hoodie
Don't you love this color? You'll also love how warm and comfortable this running hoodie is.

13 Women's Patagonia in Tranverse Hybrid Softshell Jacket

Women's Patagonia in Tranverse Hybrid Softshell Jacket
This innovative jacket will keep you warm on even the coldest days and has built-in hand warmers too.

14 Drymax Sport Running Quarter Crew Socks

Drymax Sport Running Quarter Crew Socks
Keep your feet dry and comfortable by wearing these socks inside your wintertime running shoes.

15 Giordana Formared Carbon Jersey

Giordana Formared Carbon Jersey
This looks so fabulous, doesn't it? It will also help you maintain your form and stay warm throughout your run.

16 Under Armor Cold Gear Infrared Run Beanie

Under Armor Cold Gear Infrared Run Beanie
A special coating on the inside of this beanie keeps you warm and wicks away sweat.

17 Marmot Connect Active Glove

Marmot Connect Active Glove
Cold hands will never a problem while your running ever again!

Do you run in the winter? What's your most important piece of gear?

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