7 Ways to Run Your Best in Winter ...


7 Ways to Run Your Best in Winter ...
7 Ways to Run Your Best in Winter ...

There are countless fair weather runners that take their running workouts indoors when the cold strikes. Treadmill running becomes their new routine to replace the outdoor runs. And with that the workout challenge is lessened and it becomes a simple ritual to exercise, going through the motions instead of enjoying the scenery during a run. As the snow falls these runners stay indoors, missing a winter wonderland of bliss outside their very door. Before you run from the cold and head inside, check out the best ways to run outdoors in the winter and enjoy the beauty of the snow fall.

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Make Sure Your Running Shoes Are Not Run down

Now more than ever you want to make sure that your shoes are up to par with good tread. Running in the cold can be quite slippery with ice and snow so make sure your tread on your shoe is sufficiently deep by looking at the grooves on the soles. If they are worn, it's time to head to your local running store and go shoe shopping. Fresh tread can help your shoes to grip the road and help you to avoid a slip.


Layer up

Multiple layers can help you tremendously to stay warm in your winter run. Start with a base layer and add on from this. If you run a multiple loop course and you get warm on a loop, drop a layer and you can always do a drive by to pick up later.


Wear Hat and Gloves

Since most of the warmth of your body is lost through your head, make sure you protect your head from the cold by wearing a hat. And your hands have a reduced blood flow so gloves are essential to keep you warm and to prevent frost bite on your frosty runs!


Warm up Indoors

Running in the cold you are at a heightened risk of injury, especially if you are running on cold muscles. So warm up indoors with a 5-10 minute stretch, increase your circulation and then head outside to tackle the cold. This will help you prep for your run and can also prevent an injury from running on cold muscles.


Be Visible

Winter runs can be dark and gloomy especially when there is no sun so make sure you are visible on your run. Wear bright clothes and reflective gear so passersby see you. And if you are running in early hours with lack of light, make sure to be prepared by wearing a head lamp.


Hydrate Properly

Just because you are not running covered in sweat does not mean you should forget to hydrate. Drink plenty of water both before, during and after your run to stay hydrated. This will help your weight loss, performance and recovery!


Reward Yourself Warmly

Now that you made it through a frosty, fierce run, reward yourself warmly with some hot cocoa or tea. Take a warm bath and relax, you earned it! I bet you feel ultra-accomplished now and you earned it with this frosty run!

Wishing you some wonderful runs in the cold. Enjoy the change of seasons because life is what you make of it. Happy running in a winter wonderland there for you to take in with every step that you take!

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