7 Reasons You Are Running Slow and How to Combat This ...


7 Reasons You Are Running Slow and How to Combat This ...
7 Reasons You Are Running Slow and How to Combat This ...

Did you ever wonder the reasons you’re running slow and if it is possible to combat this? Have you entered a running race or been out on a run only to watch a speedy runner pass you by almost effortlessly? If gaining speed is your goal read about the reasons you are running slow and how you can combat this to become a speedster. Do not look at lack of experience or genetics as to the reason you are running slower. Let me tell you the reasons you’re running slow and how we can combat this together:

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Treadmill as a Crutch

I am an offender of using the treadmill as a crutch, after recently having surgery I turned to the treadmill for my daily runs. Why? Because it was safer and easier. After recently racing slower times I saw the results of sole treadmill running. If you run solely on the treadmill you will have some major disadvantages come race day because the treadmill does not simulate running with wind, turns, hills and terrain. My solution is to run half the week indoors and the other half outdoors. If you prefer running outdoors make all your runs different outdoor routes to challenge you! Running solely on the treadmill could be one of the main reasons you’re running slow!


Ignoring Speed Workouts

Ignoring speed workouts and expecting to run quicker is like taking a test without studying for it, you need to put in the time to see results. So add in mile repeats, run some occasional races and some days push the pace quicker in your runs. If you follow this practice you will become quicker!


Avoiding a Rest Day

In order to run quicker including a rest day in your weekly program is essential. By having a rest day you will give your muscles fiber time to rebuild.


Only Running and Avoiding Cross Training

I used to make this mistake when I was in high school by running continuously training for races and never cross training. As a result, I felt over worked, over tired and my times were not improving. In order to quicken your running times you need to work different muscle groups and cross training will do this. For cross training you can cycle, lift weights, hike or whatever else you choose.


Avoiding Easy Running Days

Should you push everyday in your runs? Absolutely not, in order to lower your risk of injury you should only run quicker runs 2-3 days per week. Follow this tip so you can build up to become a quicker and more efficient runner.


Not Eating Healthy

How do you make sure you are eating enough but not too much? Access your caloric intake and your daily activity level so you do not deprive yourself or slow down your metabolism. You can visit a trainer or nutritionist to review this because not eating healthy will affect your running times, weight loss and your health.


Wearing the Wrong Running Shoes

You should be wearing shoes with the correct arch support as this will affect your running times. You should visit a local running store to get fitted. You can have your running form and gait analyzed to find the proper shoe which will help you to quicken your times and run more efficiently!

Now that you understand some of the reasons you may be running slowly and if you are like me and want to combat this hope my tips help you. You can be well on your way to getting more miles in less time and improving your race times! Do you currently run race and if so have your race times improved over the years of running? If not, get ready to improve your times!

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