7 Incredible Running Tips from a Trainer That Cares ...


7 Incredible Running Tips from a Trainer That Cares ...
7 Incredible Running Tips from a Trainer That Cares ...

There are certain running tips that can really help you to fuel your workouts and motivate you to get out and run more. If you are a non-runner in training to become one, these tips will make you wonder why you have not started running sooner. And for the avid runner, my tips will help you have a spring in your step on your current runs. I have run hundreds of short distance races and I am currently training for my twentieth marathon so I know quite a bit about running. Additionally, I have trained thousands of runners to better their training runs and races. Here are running tips to help you.

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Start out Slow

Whether you are on a training run or a race, always run a warm up mile to lubricate your joints, dynamically stretch the body and ease into your workout. Your warm up pace should be run at 1-3 minutes slower than your regular running pace. This is one of the best running tips because it helps prevent injury.


Eat Something Small Prior

I never see any good when a runner embarks on their run on an empty stomach. If you eat a small apple, plum or a half a banana, you will be less likely to get dizzy, have more energy and boost your metabolic rate. So eat a small piece of fruit prior to your run!


Get the Right Running Shoes for You

Just because your friend rocks the latest cool color combination sneakers does not mean they are right for you. I run in Pearl Izumi sneakers because they are comfortable and the right combination of stability and cushion for my feet. They just so happen to be really cool looking shoes but I did not select these shoes for this reason. Find the right performance shoe for you, regardless of name brand or color.


Dress in Layers

There is nothing I hate more than when I over dress for a run. Within the first two miles I am always warm and wishing I wore less clothing. Dress in layers so you can tie the long sleeve shirt around your waist and finish your run in a singlet. And if it is over 40 degrees always wear shorts or you will overheat and regret your clothing selection. Layers are always the safest way to go!


Do Not Always Focus on Pace

There are days when I run like the wind and I feel great, and there are other days I just run. Do not make every run focused on speed because some days it is important to just run for fun. I enjoy every run but there is something special about the non-time focused runs. So get out to run and have a lot of fun!

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Celebrate Your Runs

If you just hit a higher weekly mileage or accomplished a race, it is time to celebrate your running. Get out and purchase a new running top or other running gear to celebrate how far you have come. If you do not celebrate your small victories, you will make this significant life event nominal. It is time to celebrate you!


A Little Ice Goes a Long Way

I have lived by utilizing ice for inflammation for years and guess what, it does wonders! You can use localized ice if you have a particular muscle group that is sore and make sure to elevate your legs after. A little ice goes a long way in relieving your muscle aches. And if aches persist for more than 4 days, visit your doctor to make sure you do not have a muscle pull.

Hope my running tips have helped you to have great runs. Remember to smile and enjoy the miles you run. You are a fine, strong, unstoppable runner and you are proving that your legs can bring you to achieve new goals. So what are your running goals and how will you train to accomplish these goals?

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I always heard that eating a banana and peanut butter is good before a race

For some reason my shoulder is starting to hurt during my run

I have found that eating a banana with some granola helps on long runs. The banana breaks down quickly and helps you at the beginning of your run. Granola has complex carbs and takes longer to breakdown, which is helpful later in the run. I made a mistake of not eating on a long run day (which is 10-12 for me), and thought I was going to pass out before I got home. I learned never to underestimate the effect of proper fuel!

My quads are always so sore the next few days...

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