7 Reasons You Are Running Slow and How to Combat This ...


Did you ever wonder the reasons you’re running slow and if it is possible to combat this? Have you entered a running race or been out on a run only to watch a speedy runner pass you by almost effortlessly? If gaining speed is your goal read about the reasons you are running slow and how you can combat this to become a speedster. Do not look at lack of experience or genetics as to the reason you are running slower. Let me tell you the reasons you’re running slow and how we can combat this together:

1. Treadmill as a Crutch

I am an offender of using the treadmill as a crutch, after recently having surgery I turned to the treadmill for my daily runs. Why? Because it was safer and easier. After recently racing slower times I saw the results of sole treadmill running. If you run solely on the treadmill you will have some major disadvantages come race day because the treadmill does not simulate running with wind, turns, hills and terrain. My solution is to run half the week indoors and the other half outdoors. If you prefer running outdoors make all your runs different outdoor routes to challenge you! Running solely on the treadmill could be one of the main reasons you’re running slow!

Ignoring Speed Workouts
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