7 Reasons to Run the NYC Marathon ...


7 Reasons to Run the NYC Marathon ...
7 Reasons to Run the NYC Marathon ...

Have you ever considered the reasons to run the NYC marathon? After just completing my 6th NYC marathon (26.2 miles) and 20th marathon overall, I have plenty of reasons to run the NYC marathon. The NYC marathon is the world's largest marathon, with over 50,000 runners and millions of spectators. These runners and spectators travel across the world to be part of this extraordinary day of blood, sweat and tears. And if you are a tourist, you can make a vacation out of your racing experience by spending extra time in NYC to see the sights. If you are a runner, I recommend trying this race at least once in your lifetime. Here are my reasons to run the NYC marathon:

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Amazing View of Nyc

Running in the NYC marathon is a great way to see the 5 boroughs of NYC in a whole new light. As you run into a new borough you are greeted with cheering fans and hopefully a spring in your step as you run. This one of the major reasons to run the NYC marathon and a great way to run 26.2 miles!


Large Crowd Support

Want to feel like an Olympic runner as you race along the streets of New York? Then run the NYC marathon! The NYC marathon has millions of exciting fans across the race course cheering, handing out water supply, food and dancing in fun. With all this encouragement you are sure to be motivated to run your heart out!


Challenging Course

The NYC marathon has continual hills whether by streets or by bridges, so be prepared for the challenge. If you add rain or wind into that mix, it makes an even larger challenge to conquer. If you integrate hills into your training you will be well prepared to tackle the challenge of this hilly race.


Great Medical Support

My blood pressure dropped at the NYC marathon this year and I started to feel dizzy. I went to a medic tent and the Red Cross saved my marathon day. After supplying me with salt, fluids and rest I was restored and I finished the race strong. It sure helped to have a professional medical staff to aid. This is a major reason to run this race!


Inspirational Charities

Run for a great cause like Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis, kidney disease, cancer or another charity and you will run with an even greater purpose. If you run for a charity you will gain automatic entry and give back. I usually gain entry by running a qualifying time, but one year I ran for Team for Kids and it was amazing. To see the lives you have changed is the greatest satisfaction.


A Chance to Run with Celebrities and Professional Runners

This past New York marathon I lined up next to an elite runner who professionally runs for her living. It was pretty amazing to hear her story because she began running with her father at a young age, as I did as well. The only major difference is she logs over 120 miles a week, whereas I usually run 40-50. Kind of a big difference there! In NYC you can run with professional runners and celebrities, and hear their training stories and what motivates them. Now that is inspirational!


Opportunity to Run with a Large Number of Runners

Running with 50,000 runners is thrilling, exciting and adrenaline boosting. You will meet many new friends, motivate strangers and have a blast while you run across the 5 boroughs of NYC for a memorable 26.2 miles.

Hope you have the chance to run the New York City marathon! I promise you will not regret it. Some of my best marathon memories are of running in the NYC marathon. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Plan to do this in 2014!!

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