7 Important Reasons to Run Every Day ...


7 Important Reasons to Run Every Day ...
7 Important Reasons to Run Every Day ...

There are so many reasons to run every day, it is hard to pinpoint the ones that are the best! As someone who works from home, I find that running is a great way to escape the four walls of my house. Without it, I am pretty sure my lungs would go stale and my mind a little loopy. As I said, there are multiple reasons to run every day, but here are some of my favorites.

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It is a Risk Factor Busting Exercise

Being a woman is no easy ride. With breast cancer, high heart disease risks post-menopause, and diabetes looming over us, we need to do something to get our bodies straight. Running reduces the risk of all of these. This is mainly because it helps you lose weight, and being overweight is a risk factor for all of those diseases! In addition to this, your arteries get a good workout as your heart pumps, which primes them for the future. Out of all of the reasons to run every day, this has to be the best!


You Can Lose Weight at Your Own Pace

I love a good aerobics class as much as the next woman, but, my god, I just cannot keep up with anybody else in the room! In contrast, I can take my graceless self running, have fun, and lose weight in the process. Depending on your existing muscle mass and weight, you may burn as many as 1000 calories an hour. If you get tired, you can slow down and stroll. Oh, and you get to pick the music rather than suffering something someone else chooses.


It is Free

Once you have your sneakers and a little basic gear in your wardrobe, you are set to get fit. Compare this with the monthly cost of your local gym and you are definitely benefiting. When you think about it, running also comes with a little more variety than your average gym. You can change your route, music, and approach every day and still have fun. Another major bonus: you don’t have to fight off the evil eye from other fitness lovers, because you aren’t hogging any machines!


You’re Set to Help out Charities

So once I almost ran the Paris Marathon. Then I got pregnant and realized that pregnancies and marathons don’t mix. I shall get back to this one year, but for now I know that my running means I automatically have a great way to fundraise. That’s right, when you run you no longer have to worry about baking cakes, sky diving, or any other fundraising activities that may not appeal to you! Regular running means you are in prime position to begin a marathon or half-marathon training program. Get yourself organized and you can draw in some cash for your favorite charity!


It is Fun Preventive Medicine

Running is preventive medicine that is effortless. Okay, so in terms of activity the aim is to exert yourself, however, it isn’t going to require much brain power or organization. There is evidence to show that running can flush the bacteria from your lungs, accelerate your white blood cells through your circulatory system, raise your temperature enough to hinder some bacterial growth, and slow down your stress hormones (which suppress your immune system to a degree). With all of this, pathogens will fear you, they will fear me…well, at least they will on some occasions. The point is, your immune system will be better, which means more fun time and less down time for us all!


You Can Pound out Your Aggression

Mad about something? Run it out. There are times when I want to go all Hilary Swank and box like a demon, but I can’t because I do not have her skills. Instead, I put my limbs to good use and run. For good measure, I throw in a little aggressive music. By the end of a run, my endorphins are doing their work and I feel less cranky.


Running is Communal

It might take a little persuasion, but you can convince people to run with you. Want to spend a little time with your partner? Jog somewhere quiet. Want to wear out your mother-in-law when she comes to visit? Take her for a run! Okay, so the last one isn’t THAT appealing. You can, however, rope in your friends and make running a bit of a social occasion.

When I first began running, I felt as though my limbs weren’t actually connected to my brain. A little while later, and I am still completely ungracious, but I am seeing the benefits. Losing weight has become easier, I sleep better, and I am meeting a few personal fitness goals. If you run regularly, what motivates you to do it?

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