7 Reasons Fall is the Best Season for Running ...


7 Reasons Fall is the Best Season for Running ...
7 Reasons Fall is the Best Season for Running ...

As we enter fall, the best season for running, I am very excited for the cool temperatures and the change of scenery that fall has to bring. Fall is an amazing time to run because you do not have to worry about the heat or humidity and can enjoy crisp, cool weather. And as a result, running is even more enjoyable. Fall is a time for rejuvenation of energy all to amplify your runs!And that is why I consider fall the best season for running!

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Perfect Temperature

Perfect Temperature Depending upon where you live, gone are the days of extreme heat and humidity as the temperature drops. Fall is the best season for running because it is the perfect temperature. And fall runs are great because you can wear layers of clothing and by the end find yourself layered down to shorts and a tank.


Holiday Motivation

Holiday Motivation As the holidays approach, you may yearning to wear that new outfit or bring in the New Year ten pounds lighter. Use fall as a time to fall into fitness and run hard. Enjoy fun fall running!


Moms Have More Free Time

Moms Have More Free Time Depending upon your child’s age and activity level, you may have more time. If your child ihas extra-curricular activities you can run while they are away at them. Or, if you have free time after you put your child on the bus you can squeeze in a few miles. Better yet, run while you wait to pick up your children from the after school bus. If the bus is twenty minutes late you can run up and down the street to get a workout in and stress less. Make the most of every minute!


Cool Air

Cool Air The cooler air of fall makes it easier for you to run and you will feel less fatigued. Depending upon where you live, the fall season usually brings 40-60 degree temperatures which is the optimal temperature range for running.


Beautiful Foliage

Beautiful Foliage The leaves start to change colors in late September and by mid-October depending upon your residence, you can usually experience the peak of foliage. Take in the beautiful change of the leaves as you embark on your run and enjoy the fall season! And as the leaves fall to the ground by the end of October you can hear the crunch of the leaves as you are running and smell fall in the air!


Have More Energy

Have More Energy Without the heat and humidity you may feel an abundance of energy on your runs. Use this renewed energy to push yourself to have a great run! Go for mini sprints or integrate speed workouts into your training to help you become a more efficient runner!


You Can Run Longer and Stronger

You Can Run Longer and Stronger Why do you think I register for a fall marathon every year? Because it is much cooler and more enjoyable to run 26.2 miles in the fall season. And if your marathon is in the Northeast, it is unlikely to experience an extremely hot day in the fall season. You will run longer and stronger, feeling great in the fall. That is why I consider the fall the best season for running!

Now that I have told you the reasons fall is the best reason for running, what are you waiting for? Get outside for a great run and enjoy the weather! Do you have any fall races you are registered for? Happy running!

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There is only one down side to running in the fall: winter is coming lol...also, for whatever reason, the NYC Marathon is almost always run in above average to downright hot temps...go figure...

Whenever I run in colder weather, my lungs hurt after breathing in the cold air. Have you got any tips to help prevent this? Thanks :)

Luv fall!

It doesn't get cool where I live until about mid-October, then after a few weeks of nice weather, it drops into the 50s and rains

I actually enjoy running in spring (warm but with cool breezes ) usually. It's usually in between 10C & 20C so it's nice to run, compared to fall where it drops to 5C (rain makes it much cooler).

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