Olympian Approved Tips for People Who Want to Be the Best Runners ...


Olympian Approved Tips for People Who Want to Be the Best Runners ...
Olympian Approved Tips for People Who Want to Be the Best Runners ...

When you're an Olympic runner, you eat, sleep, breathe running. You don’t just show up every four years to win a medal. You have to work hours, every day, putting in plenty of time and all of your energy. And to be the best runner, it is not just about clocking up miles but a proper and complete training regime. Check out these approved tips if you want to be the ultimate runner you can be. With the right training you can show you have what it takes to be your best!

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Freshen up Your Play List

Olympians are similar to us in the fact that they need motivation to stay on top of their game. To do so, freshen up your playlist with songs that make you move. Maybe you move to words that drive you or you need to have a quicker beat to amp up your running pace to. Find what works to push you and bring out your inner athlete!


Switch up Your Route

Break up the boredom and switch up your running route. You can alter your workouts based upon this. Maybe your short distance run is perfect for a speedy workout and your long distance hilly course is meant to be nice and easy. Switch it up and stay motivated like an Olympic runner!


Go Social

Share your running achievements with friends and family via social media. By putting it all out there you will stay motivated to work hard and keep this in mind in your next run. With each mile you will be driven by the fact that you can share this with your social network. And this will keep you moving!


Switch up Your Stat Goals

One day you focus on distance and another day you may focus on raising your heart rate. Vary your stats focus so you are overall balanced like an Olympic runner. This will help you to speed up your pace and see more amazing results!


Check out the Pyramids

Perform the pyramids to kick up your results pronto. The pyramids is a running program based on running 200 meters, 400 meters, 600 meters, 800 meters, and 1 mile. Each run you should be pushing at race pace with a 200 meter rest jog in between. This will help you to quicken your running times and also feel stronger!

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Take a Rest Day

As much as we often neglect rest, this is an integral part of training which will actually help you to become quicker and more efficient. If you want to perform better you have to give your body a chance to heal. So take one day off each week for your muscle fiber to recover and I guarantee you will feel tons better. This is something Olympic runners never forget!


Be Fashionable

There is something to be said about looking good and feeling better. If you dress like an Olympian you will feel stronger and you may even run quicker as a result of your confidence. So pick up the latest running gear and dress stylishly. You may become faster and follow your Olympic idol footsteps by simply dressing for the job.

So for those of you that want to be like Olympic runners, follow these super tips and make sure you eat healthy to nourish the body that is going the distance!

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