7 Ways to Build Strength πŸ’ͺfor Girls Who Want to Run for Longer πŸƒπŸƒ ...


So often people that just start running expect to run several miles from the get go, but within a few minutes of running, labored breathing and tired legs cause them to stop. Then they feel just plain discouraged! But do not give up, keep going on! It is easy to give up something that is tough to do but before you throw in the towel, follow my tips to build strength to run longer and feel stronger. If you follow these tips I guarantee you will feel stronger and running will take a lesser toll on your body! Are you ready to run?

1. Stretch It out

Perform a dynamic stretch by performing jumping jacks or any other stretch in motion to lubricate your joints and prepare you for a great running workout. Just 5 minutes of dynamic stretching can help you to run stronger and also avoid an injury!

Focus on Form
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