7 Ways to Build Strength for Girls Who Want to Run for Longer ...


7 Ways to Build Strength for Girls Who Want to Run for Longer ...
7 Ways to Build Strength for Girls Who Want to Run for Longer ...

So often people that just start running expect to run several miles from the get go, but within a few minutes of running, labored breathing and tired legs cause them to stop. Then they feel just plain discouraged! But do not give up, keep going on! It is easy to give up something that is tough to do but before you throw in the towel, follow my tips to build strength to run longer and feel stronger. If you follow these tips I guarantee you will feel stronger and running will take a lesser toll on your body! Are you ready to run?

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Stretch It out

Perform a dynamic stretch by performing jumping jacks or any other stretch in motion to lubricate your joints and prepare you for a great running workout. Just 5 minutes of dynamic stretching can help you to run stronger and also avoid an injury!


Focus on Form

Tighten your core, keep a strong posture and pump your arms as your legs graze the pavement or grass for a great run. Focus on form to help you to run longer, feel better, and build up your endurance. This can help you to avoid being sidelined down the road!


Increase the Miles

One of the best ways to become a better runner is to simply increase your miles. Run longer and increase your running duration as you build your legs and lung capacity. The more you run, the stronger you will become in endurance! So get those legs going and log in those miles. As you feel stronger and increase your endurance you will be glad you put in the extra.


Increase Slowly

I normally recommend to never increase your running mileage by more than ten percent per week. This is important to avoid an injury and also to see the most increase in strength. Yes it is true - slow and steady wins the race!


Add Resistance Training

Resistance training for your total body will help you to run like the wind and feel like a gazelle. Even the weakest of athletes will become stronger by simply adding a resistance routine. This will also help you to balance out your physical fitness and have you feeling less fatigued!


Strengthen the Core

Perform core exercises 3-4 days a week to help increase your running capacity. Exercises like the front and reverse plank can do wonders in helping you become a stronger runner. Combine this with running and you will feel like a champion. You may even notice you will feel more confident in your runs.


Add 1-2 Days of High Intensity Training

High intensity training will help you to build your endurance and as a result you will run longer and feel more energy. Just a 30 minute high intensity routine can cause a vast increase in endurance and help you to become a stronger distance runner. So make sure to add the high intensity workout immediately; you will be so glad that you did!

Before you give up your huffing and puffing, lace up your kicks for another great run. And keep at it because within time you will feel better and find yourself running for both fun and fitness. Happy Running! Hope to see you out on the roads!

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