7 Mantras to Repeat While Running ...


7 Mantras to Repeat While Running ...
7 Mantras to Repeat While Running ...

There are many mantras to repeat while running that will inspire you to run stronger and longer and provide you with the needed fuel to meet your goals. You may wonder what a mantra is... well mantras are words or a phrase you can repeat to keep up your motivation. Here are a few of the mantras to repeat while running and help you to go that extra mile. These mantras have helped me to run thousands of miles and finish in the top percentage of many races as well!

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I Deserve This

This is one of my favorite mantras to repeat while running because this shows you deserve better physical and mental health, and running can help get you there. "I deserve this" reminds you that you are worth it. Perfect!


This Pain is Only Temporary

There are many times I am so fatigued at the end of my workouts I need to push through the pain and remind myself that this pain is only temporary. As the pain sets in I need to remind myself of this to motivate myself to go on. This helps me to find inner strength and finish strong. We all need reminders sometimes to fuel our runs further!


Results Are Not Handed to You, They Are Earned

As I push my personal training clients to achieve what they believed they could not, I remind them that they earned their lean physique, it was not given to them. Everything worth it in life you must earn; it is not given to you. Remember and embody this so you will succeed in running, and in all aspects of your life.


I Love to Feel the Burn

Sometimes as I am running at race pace and my muscles begin to burn I repeat this mantra so I can push through the burn and see great results from my running! Repeat this mantra as you feel the great burn of running hard and enjoy your strength.


Sweating Feels Great

As you run your heart out and sweat begins to glaze your forehead, enjoy it! Sweating feels great because you are pushing yourself enough to raise your body temperature and sweat! Sweating is also like an instant facial!

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee

Nobody Ever Drowned in Sweat

One of my great clients always says this and it is so true. Some people do not like to sweat and they lay off a bit when they start to sweat ,so repeat this mantra to boost your energy. Repeat this mantra as you sweat out your body toxins and have a great run!


This is for Me

I live this mantra because running is the one time in my busy day (as a mom of 3 and business owner) to focus on me. Use this time to focus on your running and better your health! Running is solo time for you to heal the soul and just focus on you. Running is also a time for you to think of your goals for today, tomorrow and many years to come. Repeat this mantra and focus on bettering yourself!

Now that you have many mantras to repeat while you are running you can fuel your motivation. Do you have mantras that help inspire you to run? What are they?

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The best part is you can use these mantras in almost every aspect of your life :)

these are not mantra's a proper mantra is nam myoho regne kyo

i read this post every night to inspire my morning run

I often use, "I can do this" or "Ingen ting kommer gratis" (Nothing comes free).

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