7 Last Minute Marathon Tips to Help You Have Your Best Race ...

As your marathon race day approaches, you may be searching for some last minute marathon tips that will help you have a great race. Every tip helps you to have an efficient 26.2 miles. And whether this is your first marathon or you have quite a few under your belt, it always helps to be reminded of preparation pointers. This is all coming from me, as your trainer and marathon coach, who will be running the twentieth marathon this fall! Here are some last minute marathon tips:

1. Lay out Your Race Outfit Two Nights Prior

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Make sure you lay out your race outfit a few nights before race day to make sure you have your full outfit together. If you are running a fall marathon you may want to dress in layers with gloves, a fleece headband and hand warmers. Being prepared for race day is one of the most important last minute marathon tips.

2. Pack Your Race Fuel

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Throughout your 20 week training, how have you fueled your long runs? If you have been fueling on Power gels and your race does not have this at fuel stations, you may want to pack some in your pocket. Never try a new fuel on race day or your stomach may act up. In a marathon, fueling rituals are essential to avoid feeling sick.

3. Stretch the Night Prior

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You should line up at the starting line feeling great without muscle soreness. To get rid of lactic acid accumulation in your muscles that keep your legs feeling stiff, make sure to stretch. A light stretch can do wonders for your race and help your legs to feel fresh.

4. Utilize the Power of Ice Baths

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Fill up your bathtub with some cold water, then empty 3 ice trays in the bath and jump in (or ease in)! It may not sound inviting but ice baths help to eliminate muscle soreness, reduce inflammation and give you the extra push in your marathon. Why do you think the professional athletes utilize ice baths? Because they really do work!

5. Get a Little R & R

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Close your eyes and rest because you will be running quite a distance. Rest and relaxation are important because you will be expending plenty of energy over the course of 26.2 miles. So put your feet up, close your eyes and envision yourself crossing the finish line.

6. Get to Bed Early the Week Prior

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As much excitement and energy as you may have the week prior to your race, getting to bed early is ultra-important. In the week leading up to your race you should aim to get to bed 1 hour early. The night before your race you will be so excited it may be harder for you to get as much shut eye, so get to bed early in the days leading up to your marathon.

7. Carb Load for a Few Days Prior

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It is important to carb load in the week prior to your race so your body has plenty of glycogen or energy stores. You will need plenty of energy to fuel 26.2 miles. When you run out of glycogen you hit the dreaded wall, so how do we avoid this? Make sure you eat potatoes, rice and pasta in the week leading up to the race so you have plenty of energy for race day!

Now that you have these last minute tips to help you run a speedy and super race, have a great race! Are you ready to kick some asphalt and pound the pavement like a pro? These tips will certainly help you do so! Have a great race!

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