7 Tips on How to Run like an Elite Runner ...


Want to know how to run like an elite runner? Kara Goucher, Paula Radcliffe and Shalene Flannigan are just a few of the countless elite athletes that put in the time, efforts and energy required to perform their best. Want to train, eat and sleep just like the pros so that you can achieve your running personal records? By getting on the right schedule, eating healthier and living life like an elite runner, you can slash your running times in no time. But are you ready to put in the time to run like an elite runner? If you are ready, then let’s get moving. Here are several tips on how to run like an elite runner:

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Determine Your Goals

If your goal is to run your best 5k time, you have to put in the speed work and short distance training to get there. Or if you have always wanted to run a marathon, you have to get to work logging some mega miles. If you want to know how to run like an elite runner, you need to first determine your goal. Where do you want to be in your running results?


Get on a Schedule

Now that you have determined where you want to be, it is time to get on schedule and start training. With a set schedule, you will help yourself to avoid over- or under-training and this will help you reach your running goal. Elite runners have strict schedules they adhere to and the proof of this is in their performance. So perform like the best by getting on the right running schedule for your goals.


Amp up Motivation

Feeling tired this morning and thinking of blowing off your run to catch some extra zzzs? Think again; elite runners take a short 15 minute nap in the afternoon to get some shut eye, rather than missing a workout. Get motivated to be the best and get to your training!


Cross Train

How do you think runners get quicker - by just running? Not a chance. Cross training is key to a runner’s optimal performance. So start adding in some squats, lunges and resistance training two days a week so you can work a range of muscles and get results like the elite athletes.


Revamp Your Eating Plan

If you are beginning to vary your training like the pros, you need to start eating like the pros. Use your food as fuel rather than eating mindlessly throughout the day. Choose more veggies, fruits and whole grains to help fuel your running workouts.


Get to Bed Earlier

Professional athletes aim for 7-9 hours sleep per night to maximize their workout performance. Actually, the more sleep the better, in the workout world. When you sleep, muscle fibers repair themselves and you will recharge for your next workout. This means sleep is of the essence! So turn off the tv, close the computer and get to bed so you can perform like an elite runner!


Put Your Training to Test

After you have varied your running training and are making better food choices, it is time to put your training to the test. Register for a race as a trial of your efforts. And if you pass the test with flying colors and optimal performance, continue on this path. And if you are a little off, switch up your training and keep working until you reach your goal.

So are you feeling motivated to switch up your training? Then get ready to train like the elite runners!

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