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With each year comes new goals and I have so many goals on new places to see and run, many of which are destination races. And by the way, so should you. How cool would it be to see new sights and run a race in a different state or country? A destination race is an escape to get a fitness event in and see the sights. That is just what you will do if you decide to run in one these great destination races, where the sights and culture are beautiful. Here are the destination races that you should run at least once in your lifetime:

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Big Sur Marathon

Big Sur Marathon Visit the beautiful and sunny state of California and race the Big Sur Marathon (26.2 miles), 9 mile race or 5k in Carmel. You can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean that are breathtaking while enjoying this as one of the destination races you will love.


Wine Glass Half and Full Marathon and 5k

Wine Glass Half and Full Marathon and 5k Listed as one of the top destination races in the world is the Wine Glass Marathon. This race, along with a half marathon (13.1 miles) and a 5k (3.1 miles), is held in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. The race is in October when foliage is at its peak and the leaves are different colors of amber, yellow and red, all very beautiful. This is a sight and run you should definitely experience!


Santa Rosa Half and 5k

Santa Rosa Half and 5k Plan that needed get away to unwind, rest and of course run an amazing destination race in Santa Rosa, California. In this race runners get to run through beautiful DeLoach Vineyards and Winery. There are three course distances to choose from: the 5k, half marathon or full marathon.


Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race

Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race Head to the mountains this spring to experience beauty, tranquility and an ultra-endurance race in Cheyenne Mountains, Colorado. Since this is an ultra-endurance race, it is long in distance as well as challenging in the rocky terrain. But the beauty of this destination will make it all worthwhile.


Watermelon 5k

Watermelon 5k Head out to beautiful and warm Orlando to experience an amazing 5k with numerous other runners looking to have a great race and enjoy watermelon at the finish. While you are visiting Florida you can visit Mickey and the other characters. When the race is over you can experience a watermelon eating contest (fun to watch) and if you have children, you can enter them in one of the kids races. This is a great destination race for all.


Sea Isle City 10 Miler

Sea Isle City 10 Miler Head out to the New Jersey shore to experience a fun race on the beach of Sea Isle City. The Sea Isle City 10 Mile race is great fun with challenges of running on the sand and boardwalk. In the city you can enjoy the boardwalk along with little shops.


Great Wall Marathon

Great Wall Marathon This is one of the destination races I personally have always wanted to do because it sounds just that amazing. The Great Wall Marathon in China is one of the most challenging races in the world. It involves running up the wall, it is 5164 steps of history, running along the top of China’s greatest monument. The Great Wall is the largest man made structure that represents strength and fortitude. This is a destination race you should head to (hopefully I can make it there one day too).

Hope you have enjoyed this list of destination races! With distances ranging from the 5k to the 50k, there is a race distance for everyone. What is your favorite destination race?

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