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Best Songs to Add to Your Playlist for Girls Bored during Their Run ...

By Sabrina

Often times, a runner is only as good as her playlist. You need music to keep your mind off the aches in your legs and sweat on your forehead. Any song is better than nothing, but these are the absolute best songs for your running playlist.

1 Fifth Harmony—Worth It

This song’s title is the most important message to remind yourself of when you’re running: this run is worth it, and you’re worth it! Regardless of why you hit the pavement, there’s only one person who’s going to benefit from this agony. Even though you’re suffering, it will all be worth it in the end when you look and feel better.

2 Andy Grammer— Honey I’m Good

This song’s upbeat rhythm will keep your energy high when you feel like giving up. It’s such a peppy song that even when you’re totally drained of energy, your feet just won’t stop moving.

3 Survivor—Eye of the Tiger

Sometimes, you really need a classic for those uphill battles! And nothing beats Survivor coming in as your cheerleader at the climax of your run. If you channel your inner Rocky when this song comes on, I guarantee you’ll run farther and faster than you ever anticipated!

4 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Feat. Ray Dalton— Can’t Hold Us

When you’re running, you really need to feel unstoppable. This song will give you exactly that feeling! Nothing can hold you back when you’re pushing your body past your limits! The three vocalists in this hit song will keep you motivated toward the end when you’re tempted to slow down, but know that you’re too strong for that.

5 Ariana Grande Feat. Iggy Azalea—Problem

When this song first came out, it was a bit overplayed. But now that your brain has had a break from it, you can appreciate all it has to offer. Ariana Grande’s beautiful voice combined with the sick beat make Problem the ideal song to distract you from your run just long enough to power through the last uphill stretch.

6 LL Cool J—Mama Said Knock You out

Admit it, nothing gets you more pumped than 90’s hip hop! Something about the nostalgia of it brings out the youthful energy in you. That energy is exactly what you need to keep pushing it during a long run!

7 Edge of Glory

Now it’s time to finish strong, because you’re on the edge of glory! Deep down, we all know we’ll never be as cool as Lady Gaga, but when you’re jogging and channeling your inner Gaga, you can get pretty darn close to being on her level!

If you’re one of those people who can run in complete silence, then more power to you! But I know that many of us need some good tunes to distract us from our own misery, so I hope this list helped you. What other songs would you add to your running playlist?

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