7 Amazing Reasons to Run with Your Dog ...


7 Amazing Reasons to Run with Your Dog ...
7 Amazing Reasons to Run with Your Dog ...

There are many important and beneficial reasons to run with your dog. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right running buddy. You want someone that is at the same running level as you, and someone that will motivate you with a little friendly competition. Have you ever considered working out with your dog? Here are seven amazing reasons to run with your dog.

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They Keep You Motivated

The first, and one of the most important reasons to run with your dog, is that they keep you motivated. When you see your dog waiting by the front door, wagging his or her tail and indicating towards their leash, it’s hard to say no. They also set and keep a steady pace, which helps to keep you going. Dogs are great motivators, and this is especially good for beginner runners that are just starting out.


They Love You Unconditionally

There’s no judgement passed by this type of running buddy. It doesn’t matter what you wear, or what you look like when you run. It doesn’t matter if you run 1k or 20k. It doesn’t matter if you stop to take multiple breaks. Your dog loves you no matter what!


To Keep You and Your Dog Healthy

Remember that your dog needs just as much exercise as you do! Running is a great way to keep both you and your dog healthy. Not only that, but fresh air helps with ailments and instills positive thinking. So make a commitment to set aside some time in your day to go running with your dog.


To Build a Better Relationship with Your Dog

Building a strong relationship with your dog is very important. After all, the love between a dog and its owner is unconditional and everlasting. Working out with your dog is a great way to build on your relationship. In particular, think of the love that is expressed after you’ve completed a workout with your dog: the appreciative rub-down of your dog, your words of approval to them, and the licks of love that you receive in return. It’s a great feeling for both of you!


To Make Working out More Fun

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching your dog run and have fun. That’s why it’s a great idea to work out with them. They make your normal running route more exciting and interesting. It can also help you to focus on other things instead of how many kilometers you have left to go.


For Company

Running by yourself can get boring. Sure, you can change up your route now and then, but there are only so many paths/roads that you can take. Having a running buddy can make things more interesting, especially when it’s your dog. You won’t be lonely with your best friend by your side.


For Safety

Let’s face it – not every neighbourhood is safe. You have to be careful out there! Running with your dog is a smart idea in this respect. Dogs are very protective when it comes to their owners. They make perfect guard dogs.

That was just seven reasons to run with your dog. So get out there and have some fun! Can you think of any other important reasons to run with your dog? Please leave a comment.

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People tell me my dog looks like a wolf all the time and literally cross the street when I'm running or walking her. She is define to doing her job on the safety part

they're not really good for safety. most dogs aren't trained for defense and most muggers and rapists know that. This notion that an untrained dog will keep you safe can be disproven by asking your local law enforcement how many muggings they've had that had a dog with them.

My dog deff motivates and I like to keep her healthy too especially since she's getting older

Great idea

Running with your dog is great. But you need to be careful especially when running on cement. You can actually do damage to their bones. Just like joggers, they too do end up with joint issues.

They dont need to stop as much, which really keeps you running

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