7 Awesome Reasons to Run a Marathon ...


7 Awesome Reasons to Run a Marathon ...
7 Awesome Reasons to Run a Marathon ...

It would be more fitting if I could think of 26-point-2 reasons to run a marathon, but a magnificent seven should more than suffice. I will warn you now that the journey to completing your first marathon will not be easy, but the sheer ecstasy of crossing the finish line will be more than worth its weight in gold. Running a marathon is the definitive test of the human body. Going the distance and pushing yourself to the limit both physically and mentally are just a couple of the reasons to run a marathon. Running a marathon should be something ingrained on everybody’s list of life accomplishments.

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Improve Your Fitness Levels

Your health is the most important aspect of your life and improving this should provide essential motivation that is required for you to partake in a marathon. As you build up your mileage, your fitness levels will gradually begin to rise, as will your positivity towards running. Healthy in mind and healthy in body; what more of an incentive do you need, what other reasons to run a marathon?


Opportunity to Raise Money for Charity

How fulfilling is it when you know you can change peoples’ lives for the better? Your family, friends and even those individuals that you haven’t heard from in what seems an eternity will flock in numbers to support you in your quest to raise money for charity. Maybe you hold a specific organisation close to your heart because of its personal significance? Well now is your chance to really make a difference.


Provides You with a Purpose

We all require a purpose in life. Something to aim for. Preparing for a marathon will grant you a goal, a motive and a realistic training plan that will be within your target parameters. This ensured I was in the best condition possible for the marathon. It provided me with a punishing and yet manageable schedule which tested my resolve both physically and mentally. Adhering to this program provided me with a thorough examination of these attributes which are required in the build up to the big day, so stay disciplined and you will be rewarded.


Chance to Meet New People

You will be lucky enough to meet some incredible people on your journey, both during your training programme whilst out running and on the day of the race itself. The camaraderie amongst runners creates a great atmosphere, despite the understandable trepidation you will feel before the sound of the starting gun. There is also little doubt that you will meet some inspirational people at your chosen charity who will rouse you to even greater heights that you previously dared dream. Even though it is undeniable that people will be aiming for different times, the main objective for any runner is to cross that finish line, come rain or come shine.


Sense of Achievement

The euphoria and pride that you will feel once the ordeal is over is almost impossible to put into words. Overcome with joy and overwhelmed with delight, you have joined a rare breed of people to have completed the ultimate tribulation. Be proud and bask in the rays of acclaim that are set to come your way. You deserve it.


Inspire Others

People will be quick to surround you in an attempt to get an insight into the obstacles and barriers you have conquered which have allowed you to complete such a gruelling challenge. They will be stimulated by your dedication, commitment, drive and desire which have enabled you to realise your ambition. You will make them realise that nothing is impossible when you apply every pore of sweat into something. Can you think of many better feelings in the world when you know you have had a positive influence on somebody else’s life? I know I can’t.


It Puts Life into Perspective

It is rather ironic that life is seen as a marathon not a sprint. The feelgood factor that running a marathon creates helps you put any problems in your life to one side and in the end will increase your self-belief that you can deal with anything that may come across your path. Putting yourself through such an arduous test will make you see the many facets of life in a totally different light to when you first started.

So there you have it. You have triumphed in the land of giants where many have failed. You have immersed yourself into the pantheon of sporting immortality. Feels good doesn’t it? What other sporting challenges would you recommend?

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I'm going for a 5k tommorrow actually

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Enjoyed this article....I am a avid runner. I sign up for runs and set goals to stay in shape and now my whole family runs with me even co-workers!!!! Running is contagious!!!!

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