7 Super Training Tips for a Super Marathon ...


As the fall marathon seasons nears, I am preparing all my training tips for a super marathon. I run a fall marathon every year, usually the New York City Marathon, and I train many of my clients to run marathons as well. I must mention that most of these clients could barely run a mile when I began training them, and after hard work, clean eating and preparation they complete the full 26.2 mile marathon, so anything is possible with proper training. If you have plans to run a marathon, here are my training tips for a super marathon.

1. Design a Training Schedule

Design a training schedule to prepare you for your marathon day. If this is your first marathon I recommend beginning with a 20 week (5 months) schedule at the very least and upwards to a year. With ample training time you will decrease your risk of an injury and have more confidence come race day. If you are not sure how to design a schedule you can seek out a running coach to create a customized plan or search online for free programs. Creating a schedule tops the training tips for a super marathon because this is essential!

Set a Marathon Goal
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