9 Amazing Ways Running Has Changed My Body Image ...


We all know the many health benefits of running, but recently I had a mini-epiphany about a few of the ways running has changed my body image as well as my physique.

Along with better cardiac health and more energy (not to mention a drawer full of cute race tees), I’ve gained a new self-image, one I love.

If you’re thinking of giving running a try, read on, sweetie!2

Here are a few of the ways running has changed my body image.

1. Thigh Gap?

I used to have a thigh gap (that often-coveted pace between your thighs when you stand with your legs together), but I’ve traded it in for legs that aren’t just thin and shapely, but toned, thicker, and powerful.2

I’ve worked hard for these strong legs, running mile after mile, competing in dozens of races.

There’s no wistful look back at that thigh gap.

I’m proud of the legs I have now.

It might sound silly, but this lack-of-thigh-gap and its related lack-of-care about it is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of all the ways running has changed my body image (and my body).

2. Hairbands

I used to think those stretchy elastic hairbands were meant for cuteness, and while they are darling, I’ve discovered that they’re not just a fashion accessory.2

They’re designed to keep my hair out of my eyes while I’m running – more about hair later – and the cuteness is just a bonus.

So when I see a girl in yoga pants or running shorts sporting a colorful hairband, I feel like I ought to give her a high five, rather than just compliment her on a cute ‘do.

3. Pedi-care

I used to hate my feet.

I thought they looked ugly and weird, and I had to have a pedi every couple of weeks just to make sure I wouldn’t frighten children when I wore flip-flops in public.

Now, I don’t bother.

First, I see my feet for what they are – battle-worn and calloused from carrying me across the miles.

And second, I don’t bother polishing my toenails, since they almost always come off (I know, eww) during my longest-distance runs.

My feet are bruised and bumpy and yes, they’re ugly, but they’re tough and they get the job done.

No worries, though, sweetie!

Most of the time, flip-flops don’t offer the support my calves and core crave, so I hardly wear them...

in pubic, anyway.

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