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Okay so hill running is some serious work but with that work comes stronger legs, a leaner stomach and a better butt! Unfortunately, most people do not choose to run hills because of the larger challenge that it is. It is enough work just running across the pavement without the hills so why choose to go the extra mile or any mile at all uphill? Because hill running will make you stronger and give you the muscular lean body you deserve, that's why!. So are you ready to get hill running to your very best shape?

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Varying Your Course

To take your mind of the hilly terrain that you are conquering, vary your courses. If you are looking around at the different scenery, you will be thinking less about what you are doing. Treadmill runners get bored of running without scenery, so get outdoors and run uphill to challenge your body and your mind. Enjoy a new course when hill running starting today!


Beat Your Times

I have several hilly courses that I run and each time I run them, I aim to beat my best times. Even on the days that I do not beat the best time, I feel great because I pushed to run my best. And on the days where I am running lightning fast, I love my hill training even more.


Strengthen Your Legs

When you run uphill you strengthen your legs, back, butt and stomach. And when you run uphill, think about the muscles you are targeting and be proud of your choice to run uphill rather than taking the flatter course. To maximize your workouts sprint uphill and jog downhill.


Run a Hilly Race

To push yourself to a whole new level, register for a hilly race. I love conquering new challenges and testing my fitness level so I continually register for hilly races. I actually now prefer running hilly races because I feel so much more accomplished after I finish. Try this and feel the difference yourself.


Say I Love Hills

Even if you dread sucking wind as you climb up each hill, say “I love hills.” Never admit how you really feel or self-doubt will enter your mind. I have been practicing this for so long that guess what? I now really do love hills. I love hills for the challenge, pushing myself and being all that I can be. Be all that you can be and run uphill!


Stay Positive

If you stay positive when running uphill and even when mapping out a hilly course prior to your run, you will find that you produce more positive results. You may even run quicker just by taking on a whole new outlook to hill training.


Look at Your Hill Running Body

As you look in the mirror at the muscle in your quadriceps, your toned butt and tight abs, realize this was achieved from running uphill. Uphill running has so many benefits that is a wonder why anyone would ever avoid running up them. Hill runners earn their bodies by choosing to run hills, so make your choice today.

Remember to always look up and realize there are always new challenges to conquer if you are ready. And run up that hill to have your best workout today! So tell me, do you enjoy running up hill?

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Running hills is a must ! I've several runs that consist of many huge hills and I love em! Feeling of achievement is massive afterwards and it makes for such a strong toned body !

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