Why Running a Race is 100 Percent Worth It ...


Running a race is 100 percent worth it because of the great feeling of accomplishment. Having run hundreds of races, there is nothing more gratifying than completing a full marathon. Running a race will put you on a schedule because you can’t just show up on prepared. So it is a great way to help you stay focused and motivated. And on days you don’t want to get up, running a race will get you up and going to pound the pavement. And you will meet new friends while having a blast! So run a race so you can see just why it is 100 percent worth it!

1. Adds Motivation to Your Training

If you are going through the motions in your training but just not feeling it, you should register to run a race. This will not only help to motivate you but you will have to get going right away with the right routine. Train for the distance of the race you are registered to run!

Puts You on a Schedule
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