Why Every Woman Should Start Running in 2019 ...


Before you finish your list of New Year's resolutions for 2019, you've got to add "start running," because it can change your life — and actually help you reach some of your other goals — in so many ways. Why should you start running in 2019? Let's have a look.

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Burn Fat

human action, person, clothing, muscle, leg, Since running is one of the highest calorie burners, if you want to lose weight, then running is a no-brainer. Lace up your running shoes, put your hair in a ponytail and head out to the streets for a great run.


Get Rid of Stress

human action, person, sports, season, physical exercise, It's amazing how exercise rids your body of unwanted stress. As a runner I speak from complete experience. Running is the ultimate stress reliever. Running will have your brain producing endorphins - happy chemicals. This will have you solving problems, smiling and finishing your runs feeling stress free!


Feeling the 'runner's high' isn't a mere myth—it's a real, tangible benefit that countless women have tapped into. Not only does running boost your mood, but it also helps in managing anxiety and depression. With each stride, you're literally stepping away from your daily strains and anxieties. Plus, it's a fantastic excuse to get some fresh air and reclaim time for yourself. Imagine conquering miles while your worries shrink with every step—now that's empowerment. Whether it's on a tranquil trail or a bustling city path, let your feet pave the way to a serene state of mind.


Have Fun

human action, person, sports, muscle, jogging, It's a rare day when I do not find myself having fun on my run. Maybe it is the feeling of accomplishment or the breeze in the air. If you do not believe me, put on your running sneakers and put your body to the test!


Better Health Markers

human action, person, season, jogging, sports, It is incredible just how much change for the better exercise can do. If you choose to exercise you will have better health markers and just feel better. You may notice your cholesterol lowered and even your heart rate is at a healthier number. You are becoming stronger both inside and out; just look at those toned, tight legs that you earned from your runs!


Regular running enhances not only your cardiovascular health but also improves insulin sensitivity, helping to prevent diabetes. You might find that consistent sprints and jogs lead to better sleep patterns and a more robust immune system, leaving you less vulnerable to common colds and flu. Plus, the mental benefits are undeniable—with each stride, you're reducing stress and anxiety, boosting your mood with those feel-good endorphins. So, lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement; it's not just about looking fantastic, it's about nurturing your health at every level.


Reduce Everyday Sickness

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, underpants, swimwear, Boost your immune system from the investment in your health by choosing to run. You will find yourself with less colds and just feel better generally. You will miss work less and just feel an extra spring in your step by choosing to be a runner.


Regular running has been linked to an enhanced immune response, helping to fend off those pesky seasonal bugs. As you pound the pavement, your body's defenses fortify themselves, ensuring those sniffles and sneezes have less of a chance to take hold. This means more days feeling vibrant and fewer curled up with tissues. It's not just about dodging colds; it's about embracing a more resilient and vigorous version of you. So lace up those sneakers and let every stride contribute to a more robust health profile.


Meet New Friends

human action, person, sports, athletics, sprint, As a lifelong runner, I have met so many new running friends through races and my running club. You can meet so many new people with a similar passion for running and you can bond together over a run. Meet new friends as you get healthier.


Build Confidence

human action, person, sports, athletics, running, As you slim down, become stronger and conquer your personal running goals you will become more confident. Since running is an individual sport, you will revel in your own personal accomplishment with every quickened running time, longer distance and upon completion of every run!


The Bling

tree, christmas tree, christmas, christmas decoration, woody plant, I'm not going to lie: I love collecting medals at the end of the races I finish, and even better, the races I win! They're really fantastic... I mean, how many other things will you do in life that you'll get a medal for?


Progress, Baby!

clothing, human positions, sitting, fashion, leg, Running can yield measurable results, in time and in distance, and that's important when you're setting goals. For example, when I first started running, I couldn't make it 1/4 mile without stopping, and this spring, four years into running, I ran my first marathon — 26 miles! It's so wonderful to be able to track your progress!



human action, clothing, person, footwear, human positions, Did you know that one day, your running might inspire someone else to give it a go, so they can reach their own health and fitness goals? How amazing would that be?

Lace up your running sneakers and head out for a run! Give it a mile and you will begin to smile and at that point, there is no turning back, you will become a runner! Happy Running in 2019 and beyond!

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I hate running. I like Pilates, boxing and walking.

Urgh!!! So want to go for a run but suffer really bad asthma but am going to go long walks and try take from there! Started swimming so will see... Great tips

Already know why the problem is getting your butt up and actually doing it

we only get so many heart beats in a lifetime. i dont want to use mine up too soon. plus i have three discs out in my back and a sprained ankle.

I would love to become a runner but afraid I will not keep up with the run club.

Love running 🏃 it's amazing and awesome .

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