7 Weeks to Your Fastest 5k ...


So you have a goal of running your fastest 5k, but you are not sure where to begin? Speed, hill training, resistance training, and the other methods of training can help you to run your fastest 5k. Wouldn’t you like to know how to plan this week by week? As a competitive racer and certified trainer, I run hundreds of races but more importantly have trained countless clients to run their personal best racing times. Now I am here to help you with 7 weeks to your fastest 5k:

1. Week 1 - Set Your Goals

Before you begin your training, you should list out your running goals, as this will help you create a schedule. Also if you have high ambitions to be super competitive, your training will differ from someone with just a goal of completion. Your first week of training is all abut getting in the right state of mind for determining your goals. This will help you to run your fastest 5k!

Week 2 - Create a Schedule
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