7 Ways for Girls to Stay Safe when Running outside Solo ...


7 Ways for Girls to Stay Safe when Running outside Solo ...
7 Ways for Girls to Stay Safe when Running outside Solo ...

Going out for a solo run is a great time to self-reflect, clear your mind and focus on your goals, but it is important to be safe. If you can run in the daylight with people around it is always safest. You can also wear reflective, visible gear to make sure people see you when you are running. Also bringing your cell phone, money and even pepper spray can help you in a bind. It's always better to be safe than sorry when running outside alone. So make smart choices to get a great workout in without compromising safety with these tips!

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Run in Daylight

By choosing to run in the daylight you will feel safer, be less likely to fall, and predators are less likely to attack. It is important to always focus on tomorrow not just today and choosing to be safe is essential to a bright future! So run when it is light out, if your schedule allows!


Run at Community Areas

Head to your local park for a measured out running course with other local runners, walkers and bikers near. If you choose to run in community areas you will be less likely to run into issues with your safety and you will feel more confident. I sometimes enjoy running around the park because it is a scenic, controlled area where you do not have to worry about cars going on your course.


Bring Your Cell Phone

Bring along your cell phone to listen to some music, on low volume setting to be safe and also so you have access to make a call if you need to. I listen to music on speaker instead of ear phones because then I am aware of my surroundings. If you run into any safety issues, a phone can save you.


Tote along Pepper Spray

Be safe and feel super secure by running with pepper spray. If an attacker confronts you, have no fear because you are armed and ready to protect yourself. Think safety first and you can run with comfort and ease knowing you are armed.


Let a Friend or Family Member Know Your Route

Do not just run outside blindly. Let a friend or family member know your running route and approximately how long you are going to be. If you are taking longer than expected they will know where to find you by driving the course. And then you will have another set of eyes watching out for you.


Wear Reflective Gear

Run with reflective gear on, especially in the earlier or later hours in the day. You want to be safe and ensure that drivers see you so also make sure to wear bright visible colors.


Bring Money

I always bring along a twenty dollar bill tucked in my shoe just in case my blood sugar drops and I am hungry or there's an emergency. Just make sure when you throw out your shoes because they are no longer good; you do not throw out the money inside as well.

So go ahead and enjoy your solo run but make sure to be safe, smart and plan ahead. You create your future by the choices you make. So be smart and have a great run!

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I would be careful with the pepper spray... in fact I would caution against carrying it with you and using it as a means of selfdefence. If you don't know how to use it prooerly or your aggressor takes it from you, it could easikymake things alot worse for you. Learning selfdefence is a safer option.

@Caro great advise!!

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