7 Ways for Girls to Stay Safe 🔒 when Running 🏃 outside 🌿 Solo ☝🏼 ...


Going out for a solo run is a great time to self-reflect, clear your mind and focus on your goals, but it is important to be safe. If you can run in the daylight with people around it is always safest. You can also wear reflective, visible gear to make sure people see you when you are running. Also bringing your cell phone, money and even pepper spray can help you in a bind. It's always better to be safe than sorry when running outside alone. So make smart choices to get a great workout in without compromising safety with these tips!

1. Run in Daylight

By choosing to run in the daylight you will feel safer, be less likely to fall, and predators are less likely to attack. It is important to always focus on tomorrow not just today and choosing to be safe is essential to a bright future! So run when it is light out, if your schedule allows!

Run at Community Areas
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