7 Ways to Run 🏃🏼 Your Best in Winter ❄️ ...


There are countless fair weather runners that take their running workouts indoors when the cold strikes. Treadmill running becomes their new routine to replace the outdoor runs. And with that the workout challenge is lessened and it becomes a simple ritual to exercise, going through the motions instead of enjoying the scenery during a run. As the snow falls these runners stay indoors, missing a winter wonderland of bliss outside their very door. Before you run from the cold and head inside, check out the best ways to run outdoors in the winter and enjoy the beauty of the snow fall.

1. Make Sure Your Running Shoes Are Not Run down

Now more than ever you want to make sure that your shoes are up to par with good tread. Running in the cold can be quite slippery with ice and snow so make sure your tread on your shoe is sufficiently deep by looking at the grooves on the soles. If they are worn, it's time to head to your local running store and go shoe shopping. Fresh tread can help your shoes to grip the road and help you to avoid a slip.

Layer up
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