7 Ways to Rev up Your Runs ...


Looking for some ways to rev up your runs because you are bored of the same running routine or have hit a plateau in your results? In order to see continued results you should run a variety of different running workouts and cross train. If you run the same pace and distance each day you will not benefit as much as a broad range of running routines. Some runs should include speed, other days should be long and slow, and do not forget about hill workouts because they will really challenge you. As your running coach, I have some ways to rev up your runs so you will see continued results and so that you will get quicker and get stronger. These simple and effective ways will help you to gain strength, endurance, quicken your times and even change your body!

1. Run 4-5 Days per Week with Variety

Aim to run 4-5 days per week with a different focus each day. The components of focus are: speed, tempo, long slow distance, intervals and mid speed. By focusing on each component separately you will see greater changes in your running results and also decrease boredom. Variety is the number one way to rev up your runs because of the results it will provide!

Speed up Your Runs
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